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Terrydactyland is a location in Banjo-Tooie.

Features and overview[edit]

Terrydactyland is the fifth world of Banjo-Tooie. In this world, dinosaurs mysteriously never died out and now live alongside tribes of cavemen. The environment is characterized by a rocky terrain as well as steep ridges surrounding a central mountain.




  1. Defeat Terry: In order to fight Terry, you must go to the top of the mountian. Follow the signs that says "Path To Nest." Once you have up the mountian some, it looks like there is no way up. Find the nearest cave to the right, and you should see a pair of spring shoes. Put them on, go back to the sign, and jump up one level. Continue to follow the path and then you will see where Terry's nest is. 
  2. Under Terry's Nest: After defeating Terry, use the Bill Drill (or a Grenade Egg) on the crack in the middle of his nest, and it should contain a Jiggy.
  3. Chompa's Belly Minigame: Inside the Mountain, there is a rock sticking up out of the water. Find a flight pad to get on it. Use the Springy Step Shoes to get to the top of it, where a giant plesiosaur named Chompasaurus will eat you. You must defeat a certain amount of viruses in a certain amount of time, using the Breegull Blaster. An easy way to do this is just to run around Chompa's belly holding down the shoot button (spinning around also works).
  4. Defeat the Rocknut Tribe: All around Terrydactyland, there are 5 Rocknut tribe members. You must defeat each using a ​Clockwork Kazooie Egg and hit the tribe members from their backside where they have a "gap" in their shield. Among their locations:
    • Near the level entry
    • Inside a "jail area" near Wumba's Wigwam
    • Inside the train station
    • Behind the "spring" near the upper entrance to the River Passage
    • A tunnel near the Unga Bunga Cave
  5. The "Song of the Dinosaurs": The baby T-Rex can't roar initially, and must learn how to do so from a Bargosaurus. The roar allows Banjo to go through certain doors that have the T-Rex's head on them. Near Wumba's Wigwam, he can use this to go to a cage near the Unga Bunga Cave with this Jiggy behind it, that opens only to the "Song of the Dinosaurs", which consists of two short roars, a long roar, another short roar, and two more long roars.
  6. Oogle Boogle Bugaboo: Near the Train Station, Banjo will notice an Unga Bunga guarding this cave, apparently on the grounds that the people inside are "bad men". After turning into the Daddy T-Rex and scaring off this guard, Banjo will be able to enter their cave to see that the opposite is true...the Oogle Boogles, for reasons unknown, have been starved by the Unga Bungas, and are cold. Warming them up is simple enough: all Kazooie needs to do is use Fire Eggs. To feed them, however, Banjo and Kazooie must go to Witchyworld. The back way out of the Oogles' cave conveniently leads to the Area 51 zone, which happens to be exempt from the requirement that all food must be consumed in the theme park. However, the Claw Clamber Boots are needed in order to get back to the Oogle Boogle Cave.
  7. Hatch & Return Terry's Eggs: After defeating Terry, he will ask you to find and hatch his four eggs, which have been scattered across Terrydactyland. One is on an island in the lake, another in the Oogle Boogle Cave, one is in the Unga Bunga Cave, and one is inside the mountain. Split up and take Kazooie to each to Hatch them. Then, three of the pteradactyls will fly to Terry. The 4th pterodactyl, substantially bigger than the others, is unable to fly from whichever location it was found, so Kazooie will need to get Banjo to use his Taxi Pack to carry her to Terry.
  8. Get Past the Stomping Plains: The Stomping Plains is a large area where a dinosaur named Stomponadon will try to step on you and squish you. Use the Talon Trot or Wonderwing to quickly make it to the footprints in the ground before he steps on you, and if you make it to the other side, you get a Jiggy after stepping on a Banjo & Kazooie switch.
  9. Scrotty's Dysfunctional Family: All of Scrotty's three kids are suffering from some sort of issue, and it's up to Banjo and Kazooie to fix them.
    • Scrat is sick. Banjo will have to Taxi Pack him to Chuffy, then go to the Clifftop on the Isle o' Hags and get Mumbo to use his Heal spell on the train.
    • Scrit shrank for reasons unknown. Mumbo can use a conveniently placed Enlarge spell pad to make him grow.
    • Scrut went to Witchyworld and never came back, due to being captured and imprisoned as the "Mighty Killer Dinosaur" in the zoo. Kazooie can use a Grenade Egg to free her there, but Chuffy will have to be summoned to Witchyworld, then sent to Terrydactyland so that Scrut can get home.
  10. Get Dippy Some Water: Dippy's pool is dry, and he could really use a drink. Despite Kazooie's insistence that it won't just fall out of the sky, the water he needs can be found in Cloud Cuckooland, where there is a pool with a Kazooie head rock plugging it. Talon Torpedo the rock down, and the water will fall out and land in Dippy's pool.


  • In the Unga Bunga Cave (Hatch)
  • In the River Passage (Taxi Pack)
  • Near the world entry/exit (Springy Step Shoes)


Every Jinjo in this world appears in a cage or a cell.

  • In the lower pond. Hit the Kazooie button using the Talon Torpedo move, which opens the underwater cage holding the jinjo.
  • Inside one of the cages near the world's entrance.
  • Near the entrance, there is a jinjo is in a small opening in the mountain. Use the flight pad that you get by defeating Terry to fly over and get the jinjo.
  • Near the Humba's tent there is a cage with a jinjo inside. Press the button with Daddy T-Rex on it, then run and change back into Banjo and grab the jinjo in a limited time restraint.
  • Inside one of the cages in the Stomping Plains (the one Kazooie opens).

Extra Honeycombs[edit]

  • Use Kazooie in the Styracosaurus cave
  • Behind the entrance to River Passage
  • Use running shoes to cross the water

Cheato Pages[edit]

  • Through the Baby T-Rex door behind Wumba's Wigwam.
  • Grip Grab on the ledge to the left of Mumbo's Skull, and Bill Drill the rock at the end of the ledge. The Cheato Page is under the rock.
  • Walk/Swim into Dippy's Water Hole, and there is a passageway on the bottom of the area that will lead to a Cheato Page.


  • Treble Clef: Under a rock near Wumba's Wigwam, left of Dippy's water hole.








Language Name Meaning
French Terrydactyland Terrydactyland
German Terridaktylusland Terrydactyland
Italian Terridattilandia Terrydactyland
Japanese テリーのオアシス
Terii no Oashisu
Terry's Oasis
Spanish Terrydactilandia Terrydactyland