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Stomping Plains

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Stomping Plains is an area in Terrydactyland guarded by the mighty Stomponadon. Attempting through the Plains is dangerous, as Stomponadon will try to stomp on Banjo and Kazooie every four seconds after the previous stomp, bringing them down to one honeycomb if they are hit. There are Split-Up Pads available at the entrance of Stomping Plains. Throughout the Plains, there are Stomponadon Tracks, which Banjo and Kazooie can hide inside to avoid getting hit. 

When the player first visits the Stomping Plains, Banjo cannot cross them due to his slow speed. Kazooie can easily bypass the plains alone.


Banjo: Running and holding down Z (the crouch slide) from each Stompadon track allows banjo to get across with ease without the need for Snooze Pack. Alternatively Banjo can use the ability from Grunty Industries. Banjo must run into the first Stomponadon Track in order to hide from the stomp. Right after the Stomponadon raises his foot, Banjo must immediately run into the next Stomponadon Track but will be hit during the process, leaving Banjo at one honeycomb. Banjo must use his Snooze Pack ability inside the next Stomponadon Track in order to recover all of his honeycombs, then attempt to run into the next Stomponadon Track, while still being hit, leaving him at one honeycomb. If the player must repeat this strategy until Banjo reaches the end.

Kazooie: Because Kazooie is faster than Banjo, Kazooie has the ability to run into each Stomponadon Track after another without being hit. Although, this may be difficult, because Kazooie will have to exit each Stomponadon Track immediately when Stomponadon's foot comes up, and rush quickly into the next Stomponadon Track, barely making it. Another easier and safer way Kazooie could reach the Jinjo and avoid Stomponadon is to use the Leg Spring, first learned in Grunty Industries, and reach the highest slope near the plains entrance. This will lead to Kazooie taking the stairs and allowing her to activate the Kazooie Switch and unlock the Jinjo with no damage whatsoever.

Get the Terrydactyland Jiggy Early (Not Recommended): Banjo and Kazooie can run straight from the start of Stomping Plains to the end using Wonderwing. It is recommended to carry many Golden Feathers, as it takes at least seven Golden Feathers to reach from the start to the end. The only problem with this is that Banjo and Kazooie can only activate one switch, unlocking the Stomping Plains Jiggy, but cannot activate the Kazooie Switch that unlocks a Jinjo, and the Banjo Switch that unlocks the Hailfire Peaks Jiggy.