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Targitzan's Temple

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Banjo and Kazooie inside of Targitzan's Temple

Targitzan's Temple is a location in Banjo-Tooie.

Features and overview[edit]

Targitzan's Temple is a temple located in Mayahem Temple. As directly stated in its name, Targitzan's Temple belongs to Targitzan. Banjo holds out Kazooie whenever they are in Targitzan's Temple, and as such, gameplay is shown from a first-person perspective. If Banjo and Kazooie have learned Breegull Blaster, Targitzan allows them to take a challenge in which their goal is to collect every Sacred Statue for a "prize." When Banjo and Kazooie collect 10 Sacred Statues, the door to "Targitzan's Slightly Sacred Chamber" opens, and if they collect all 20 Sacred Statues, the door to "Targitzan's Really Sacred Chamber" opens.

In each chamber, there is a Jiggy for Banjo and Kazooie to collect. One of them is found by entering Targitzan's Slightly Sacred Chamber, and the other is found in Targitzan's Really Sacred Chamber. In the latter area, Banjo and Kazooie at first find the Jiggy in plain sight, but when they approach it, Targitzan rises out from the ground. The duo must defeat him in a boss battle before they can obtain his Jiggy.