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Talon Torpedo

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The Talon Torpedo is a move in Banjo-Tooie.


Talon Torpedo was designed for underwater combat, and it can be learned in Jolly Roger's Lagoon. When Z Button is pressed while underwater (and while not egg-aiming mode), Kazooie will launch herself from Banjo's backpack at the cost of five Red Feathers. Hold A Button to propel her through the water and simply speed towards enemies to attack. Kazooie can only stay on her own for 20 seconds before returning to Banjo, so make your time count to avoid having to launch again; you can also press B Button to call her back immediately. Pressing C-Up activates first-person view mode. In addition to attacking, this ability allows you to snag the items from inside Seemees, and it also the only move capable of busting Talon Torpedo Doors, which have Kazooie's face printed on them. It is also an effective way to get past Inkies to activate Warp Pads.

Jamjars' Rhyme[edit]

Z Button launches bird, just
watch her go,
through the water like a
Control stick to steer
'n' A Button for speed,
B Button to cancel if it's
Banjo you need!