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Chilli Billi

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“Hey! I don't recall you paying for a tour of my volcano! I'm gonna burn your furry hide...”
Chilli Billi, Banjo-Tooie

Chilli Billi is a fire dragon living in the Lava Side of Hailfire Peaks. He is the brother Chilly Willy, an ice dragon living in the other side of the same world.



In Banjo-Tooie, Chilli Billi is found atop his volcano in the lava side of Hailfire Peaks, where he is subtitled "Hot 'n' Spicy Dragon." When Banjo and Kazooie first arrive before having beaten Chilly Willy, he mistakes the bear for a pizza delivery boy, thinking he has his "12-foot Spicy Meat Special" in his backpack. However, as Banjo does not have the pizza, Chilli Billi decides to "eat [him] instead," starting the boss battle. If the duo arrives after having already beaten the ice dragon, Chilli Billi will note that they have fought his brother, but fight them anyway as they still lack his order.

If fought before his brother, he will have 6 health points; if fought after, however, he will have 12 health points instead. In the Boss Replay mode, he will always have the former regardless of when he is fought.

He starts the fight by shooting fire balls at the duo, as four cannons appear around the arena. These weapons must be used to fire Ice Eggs into the dragon, as this is the only attack capable of damaging him. If the same one is used three times, it will disappear, forcing the bear and bird to use another one. Once he recieves two hits, Chilli Billi will open his mouth and attempt to lick Banjo, but this can be avoid by simply jumping over the tongue. After that, he will go back to breathing fire and the attacks repeat themselves until he is defeated.

Once he is defeated, Chilli Billi will "change his mind" about the pizza and fly away. If he is beaten after his brother, however, Kazooie will demand a trophy, causing him to give the two a Jiggy. While flying away, he decides to go "get a couple of Big Al burgers."


  • "Hey! I don't recall you paying for a tour of my volcano! I'm gonna burn your furry hide..."
  • "Ah... At last! You must be the pizza delivery boy."
  • "Lies! I bet you've got my 12-foot Spicy Meat Special in that backpack."
  • "Then I'll eat you instead!"
  • "You must be the pizza delivery boy that beat up my poor brother!"
  • "Yes, please. I ordered a Spicy Meat Special."
  • "I'm sure you have! Give me my pizza!"
  • "Have you got my Spicy Meat Special Pizza yet?"
  • "Then I'll feast on your furry hide once more!"
  • "That feeble egg won't hurt my fiery body!"
  • "Brrrr... so cold!"
  • "I'll soon have you licked..."
  • "Enough! I've changed my mind. Forget the pizza, but I'm sure my brother will still want his..."
  • "Stop it! I don't want pizza anymore...I'll go and get a takeout instead..."
  • "A trophy, eh? I've only got this..."
  • "Hmm... I reckon I'll go get a couple of Big Al burgers..."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Erich Eiss
Höllisch Heißer Drache
Erich Eiss
Hellishly Hot Dragon
Italian Al Foco Al Fire
Japanese チリービリー
Chilli Billi
Hot Spicy Dragon
Spanish Chilli Billi
Dragón Caliente y Picante
Hot and Spicy Dragon