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“B.O.B. this is. Big-O-Blaster built by Mingy and me. Life force from ground, plants and creatures it can suck.”
Blobbelda Winkybunion, Banjo-Tooie

Blobbelda (also known as Blobby) is one of Gruntilda's sisters, along with Mingella and Brentilda. Blobbelda is short, obese, and has red-orange hair, as opposed to Mingella. She also carried around her cat Puddles wherever she goes. She is one of the two secondary antagonists of Banjo-Tooie. She speaks in anastrophe like Mingella, which is comparable to Yoda from the Star Wars film series.

In the game, she and her sister Mingella attempt to restore the body of their other sister Gruntilda back to its original form after using their magic to free Grunty following the events of Banjo-Kazooie. She is killed at the end of the game in the Tower of Tragedy Quiz, as a 1 ton weight was dropped on her by Gruntilda.


  • Gruntilda: C'mon sisters, time I lack, what's the plan to get my body back?
  • Mingella: Annoying your rhyming is, so stop it or we will not tell!
  • Gruntilda: Oh... If I must.
  • Blobbelda: B.O.B. this is. Big-O-Blaster built by Mingy and me. Life force from ground, plants and creatures it can suck.
  • Mingella: Stored in big tank life force is. Shower Grunty will take when tank full, then new body you will have!
  • Gruntilda: An evil and heartless plan, I like it! How long will it take to suck up enough life force?
  • Mingella: Not slim you are, so plenty will be needed!
  • Gruntilda: So start blasting!
  • Blobbelda: Patient you must be. Target you first must pick.
  • Gruntilda: Mmm... That cursed Jingaling has just given the furry fool a Jiggy. I reckon we should blast the Jinjo king.
  • Mingella: Auto-targeting B.O.B. has. Button you only have to press...
  • Blobbelda: Warmed up B.O.B is, so begin will the firing sequence...
  • Mingella: Target B.O.B. has hit, steal life force he will!
  • Blobbelda: Unlucky B.O.B. was, bear we just missed.
  • Gruntilda: Never mind him, what about that traitor Jingaling? Ha, ha, ha! He's just a zombie now!
  • Mingella: Successful B.O.B. was, Jingaling's life force we have.
  • Gruntilda: Right then, girls, let's blast the whole island!
  • Blobbelda: This we can do, but big charge-up B.O.B. will need.
  • Mingella: Hours it will take, and revenge bear will seek.
  • Gruntilda: Pah! I wouldn't worry. Banjo's got no one to help him now that mole and Jingaling are gone. He'll never get to us in time!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブラウベルダ
Spanish Blobbelda -


  • Like Mingella, after draining Jingaling's life force, Blobbelda's role in the plot drastically diminishes, to the point that she has no dialog whatsoever after said scene.