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Isle O' Hags

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Isle O' Hags is the hub world of Banjo-Tooie and the greater location of Spiral Mountain.


Isle O' Hags seems to be in the shape of the icon next to the health bar, from Banjo-Kazooie. Looking to the left, will see the Banjo's head, to the right is a slight part of Kazooie's head. Hailfire Peaks might be two of the honeycombs.

This island was seen on Cloud Cuckooland and shows all the exact directions of the locations, for example: The Jinjo Village is on the southwest together with Wooded Hollow, Plateau on the west, Pine Grove on the northwest, Cliff Top on the southeast together with Hailfire Peaks, Wasteland on the north together with Terrydactyland, Quagmire on the together with Grunty Industries and in the center of the mountain is located the Cauldron Keep.

Points of interest[edit]

Moves Learned[edit]



  • Get it from King Jingaling.
  • One Jiggy for each Jinjo family that is reunited (9 Jinjo families, so 9 Jiggies in all)


  • Inside the tunnel that the digger made, in the Wooded Hollow.
  • Underneath a rock on the Plateau (Use Bill Drill to get it).
  • On a cliff in the Wasteland, next to a Minjo.
  • Use the Claw Clamber Boots to climb up into the alcove, on the Cliff Top.


  • There is a Glowbo located on top of the Hailfire Peaks entrance.
  • In Glitter Gulch Mine's Waterfall Chamber, there is a Talon Torpedo rock to break. Behind it leads you to Hailfire Peaks, where you use the Ice Key to get a Mega-Glowbo (for Humba). This technically counts for this world, since it is only used here.


  • Train Switch: Near the train station on the Clifftop is a Grip Grab ledge. Use it to get to the switch
  • Bridge Extend/Raise Switch: Near the entrance to Jolly Roger's Lagoon, there is a path that goes down to the switch, which will extend a bridge to the Hailfire Peaks entrance.

Empty Honeycombs[edit]

Treble Clef[edit]

  • Atop of the Red Jingo's House (need Grip Grab to obtain).


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Iles aux sorcières Isle O' Hags
German Hexoland Witch-o-land
Italian Isola delle Streghe Isle of Hags
Japanese マジョあいらんど
Majo no Airando
Witch Island
Spanish Isla de las Brujas Isle of Hags





  • Most areas of the Hub World do not allow any playable characters other than Banjo and Kazooie together to enter them, even the Clockwork Kazooies (If the player tries to get the Clockwork Kazooie into another area of the Isle O' Hags, it will blow up automatically and Jamjars will state that it can't go through there). Transformations (Excluding Dragon Kazooie unless she's split from Banjo) also cannot go into the different areas of the Isle O' Hags, with or without a gameshark code. The only exception to this rule is Mumbo entering and exiting his skull on the Cliff Top. If the player tries to get him to go into the Plateu, Mumbo will claim that he'll get stuck if he goes through there.