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Sack Pack

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The Sack Pack is an ability which Banjo can learn inside the Central Cavern in Cloud Cuckooland of Banjo-Tooie.

By holding Z Button and pressing C-Up, Banjo can jump inside his backpack and hop around as if in a potato sack race. With it, Banjo can hop across dangerous terrain like thorns and even float on top of hazardous liquids. Banjo later uses this ability in Cloud Cuckooland to race Mr. Fit across a valley of thorns in a sack race.

Jamjars' Rhyme[edit]

When faced by danger
jump on top,
now in the backpack
you can hop!
Hold button Z Button and
then tap C-Up,
safely inside
is where you'll be!


  • It is possible to get to Jamjars to learn the Sack Pack quickly. Banjo must use his Pack Whack double jump glitch ability to leap from the high ledge onto the platform Jamjars is on, though, one may need to activate the SUPERBANJO code in order for this to work.