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Targitzan's Temple Challenge

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Targitzan's Temple Challenge.jpg

The Location[edit]

This Mini-Game is found within Targitzan's Temple at the top of the hill in Mayahem Temple. The Breegull Blaster ability is required before Banjo and Kazooie are allowed to enter.

The Rules[edit]

The rules of Targitzan's Temple Challenge are simple: Collect 10 Targitzan Statues to open Targitzan's Slightly Sacred Chamber Door, and collect all 20 Targitzan Statues to open Targitzan's Really Sacred Chamber Door.

The Prize[edit]

Two Jiggies are awarded to Banjo and Kazooie for completing both tasks. One is given to them for entering Targitzan's Slightly Sacred Chamber. Another is given to them for defeating Targitzan in Targitzan's Really Sacred Chamber.