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Ancient Ones

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An Ancient One in the ending

The Ancient Ones are a group of four golden, sphinx-like statues that appear in Gobi's Valley of Banjo-Kazooie. They have blue eyes, a large ring on their head, a face that resembles Banjo's, and a gold-striped design on their face.

The first statue rises from the ground in between Jinxy and the nearest pyramid. The Ancient Ones tell Banjo and Kazooie that they can defeat Gruntilda if they fly through each of their rings. Once Banjo and Kazooie take off from a Flight Pad, they must fly through the first Ancient One's large ring. This causes the next Ancient One to appear, and so forth. After flying through the fourth Ancient One's ring, the Ancient Ones admit that they were kidding about Gruntilda, and they reward the duo with a Jiggy.