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Little Lockup

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“Follow the clues if you're looking for gold!”
Little Lockup, Banjo-Kazooie

Little Lockup is an enemy in Banjo-Kazooie.


Little Lockup is a Lockup found on a small island of Treasure Trove Cove. In the world is a large, red "X" that, when hit with the Beak Buster, moves to a different spot and a red arrow pointing at its next location appears in its place. Once the penultimate "X" is hit, however, a question mark appears instead of an arrow and Little Lockup states Banjo will never find it now, but the last "X" is on an island right next to it. When it is hit, Little Lockup appears and asks to be opened gently. After being broken with attacks such as the Rat-a-tat Rap, it will drop a Jiggy.


  • "Hah! You'll never find me now!"
  • "Yikes! Please open me gently.."


Language Name Meaning
Japanese リトル・ロックアップ
Ritoru Rokkuappu
Little Lockup