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Walrus Banjo

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In-game apppearance

Walrus Banjo is a transformation that turns Banjo into a small, brown walrus. It is the transformation of Freezeezy Peak in Banjo-Kazooie, and is required to obtain a few Jiggies in the world. In Freezeezy Peak, in order for Banjo to transform into a walrus, he must visit Mumbo Jumbo in his hut and give him a one-time payment of 15 Mumbo Tokens. After this, Banjo can visit Mumbo and freely change from a walrus and back.

As a walrus, Banjo can enter small spaces and move around in Freezeezy Peak's cold water without taking damage. Banjo is required to be a walrus during the first race with Boggy, who insists that the available sled is too small for Banjo and Kazooie to ride. If Walrus Banjo wins the race, he earns a Jiggy.

Banjo can also take advantage of his walrus transformation as a disguise in order to talk to Wozza, who is otherwise terrified of Banjo. When Walrus Banjo talks to Wozza is happy to see another walrus, so he gives Walrus Banjo a Jiggy. After this, Wozza retires into his cave, and Walrus Banjo can follow him inside to collect an Empty Honeycomb.