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Chinker is a large ice cube enemy that appears in Banjo-Kazooie. Found mainly at Freezeezy Peak and during the Winter season of Click Clock Wood. Chinkers will remain perfectly still when idle, their transparency allowing them to blend in with the environment, which sometimes makes them extremely hard to see. When disturbed, these enemies will spring to life with a characteristic boing and spin wildly, accelerating towards Banjo and Kazooie at speeds that make them almost impossible to avoid at close distances. When struck, a Chinker will split into two smaller Chinkers; since each miniature Chinker yields a honeycomb when defeated, these enemies can be an abundant source of energy if dealt with efficiently.

Because Chinkers cannot collide with each other, two or more may occupy the same space at once. The player can take advantage of this by Flap Flipping above a group of spinning Chinkers and using the Beak Buster on them when they are directly under the bear and bird, taking them out in a single attack.