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Mr. Vile

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“Hur...hur...hur! I'm Mr. Vile, greediest croc of all! Play my game to win a prize!”
Mr. Vile, Banjo-Kazooie

Mr. Vile is a character in Banjo-Kazooie.


Mr. Vile is an aggressive, red crocodile and the the self-proclaimed "greediest croc of all."



Mr. Vile is found inside the nostrils of a giant, green crocodile in Bubblegloop Swamp. Crocodile Banjo can enter it, where Mr. Vile challenges him to a three-round contest where they compete to eat more Yumblies and/or Grumblies.

Each of the three rounds has a different objective: In the first round, Banjo must eat more Yumblies than Mr. Vile. In the second round, Banjo must eat more Yumblies while avoiding the Grumblies. In the third round, Banjo must eat either Yumblies or Grumblies, depending on the icon at the top of the screen that changes every ten seconds. The Turbo Trainers, usable by Crocodile Banjo, are a useful tool in this game, though it is possible to clear the three rounds without using them.

Once Banjo has completed all three rounds, he is rewarded a Jiggy. If he loses, Mr. Vile starts chasing after Banjo to try and bite him. If Mr. Vile bites Banjo, he loses two Honeycombs of his health. After Banjo has obtained the Jiggy, Mr. Vile offers him to compete in a second, optional challenge in which Banjo can play three more rounds for three Extra Lifes. If Banjo loses this challenge, he loses a life.

Mr. Vile reappears as part of Grunty's Furnace Fun: one of the six possible physical challenges is the third round of the eating game, but the icon at the top of the screen changes every five seconds this time. Also, when a Sound Challenge with Mr. Vile's voice plays, the three options are "Mr. Vile the Crocodile," "Mr. Piles the Alligator," and "Mrs. Bile the Crocodile."


In Banjo-Tooie, Mr. Vile is mentioned during the Tower of Tragedy Quiz. In a question, Gruntilda asks "which Banjo-Kazooie character wasn't seen in Banjo-Tooie," with the right answer being "Mr. Vile" and the wrong answers being "Captain Blubber" and "Tiptup."

Mr. Vile was originally supposed to appear in the game, however. He was found in Terrydactyland, and had a baby. The idea was eventually scrapped for unknown reasons.[1]


  • "Hur...hur...hur! I'm Mr. Vile, greediest croc of all! Play my game to win a prize! Press A to accept or B to chicken out!"
  • "Look, puny green croc is scared!"
  • "Weedy croc loses! Me bite greeny to make him learn!"
  • "Grrr...You only win easy game. Now we play harder game. Eat reds, avoid yellow Grumblies, they not ripe. Ready? 3...2...1...Go!"
  • "Hah! Mr. Vile wins easy! Here I come, greeny!"
  • "Want to try again greeny? Press A to play or B to run."
  • "Bah! Lucky greeny wins. Must play last game. Only eat what is shown at top of screen. Ready? 3...2...1...Go!"
  • "Mr. Vile never lost before! Greeny can have prize..."
  • "Mr. Vile now has tougher challenge if greeny not scared! You must win next 3 games to win 3 extra lives, but each time greeny loses, Mr. Vile chomps you for one life! Press A to accept or B to slide off like a slug!"
  • "Hurr...greeny brave, but Mr. Vile soon chew greeny's shorts!"
  • "Mr. Vile is baddest croc of all! Look everyone, greeny is scurrying off!"
  • "Grrr...greeny won game, but Mr. Vile keep prizes until greeny wins all games!"
  • "Err...greeny won that one as well, but Mr. Vile still keep hold of prize until next game won!"
  • "Grrr...greeny must have cheated, Mr. Vile not giving you prize!"
  • "'ll have to catch Mr. Vile first!"
  • "Yowww! Greeny wins, here is prize!"

Name origin[edit]

His name is derived from the word "vile," meaning "extremely unpleasant," "morally bad" or "wicked."


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミスター・バイル
Misutā Bairu
Mr. Vile