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Turbo Trainers

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Turbo Trainers[1][2][3], formerly known as Running Shoes[4][5], are a pair of white running shoes worn by Kazooie which allow her to use the Turbo Talon Trot and run at excessive speed for a limited time. Kazooie can also use the shoes to run across water in Banjo-Tooie.

Certain puzzles require the player to reach a goal within a constrained time limit, and these shoes will usually be found nearby. Depending on the length of the puzzle they are intended for, different pairs of shoes will last longer than others, although most last for around 10-15 seconds.

Since the Turbo Talon Trot is based on the Talon Trot (actually, holding Z Button will keep a Talon Trot going once the shoes wear off), Kazooie may use these shoes either by herself or with Banjo, but Banjo cannot use them on his own. (Obviously, Kazooie runs far faster without Banjo's extra weight, a fact that must be used to beat Mr. Fit at a footrace.)

However, one pair in Bubblegloop Swamp may be worn by Crocodile Banjo during Mr. Vile's mini-game, greatly increasing Banjo's speed and making winning a bit easier. The Twinkly Packing Challenge can also be used with these shoes.



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