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Boom Box

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Boom Boxes, also known as TNT Boom Boxes[1] are volatile enemies found throughout the surrounding area of Rusty Bucket Bay. Enemies do not get much more intimidating than a box labeled "TNT" in big red letters with sharp teeth, and this one has an attitude to match its appearance, aggressively chasing after anyone that gets too close with the intent of self-destructing so they can blow them up.

Just touching one will cause it to explode, so to reduce the risk of personal injury, it is best for Banjo and Kazooie to take on Boom Boxes from a distance by firing Blue Eggs at them. The Wonderwing is also an effective solution, especially when faced with a large group. If the player is low on ammunition, Boom Boxes can be made to blow themselves up simply by letting them chase you for a few seconds.

Boom Boxes reappear as deadly opponents in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, both in Spiller's Harbor and Freezing Furnace. They do not change in their attack method, but as far as characteristics, the Boom Boxes now look simply like crates with a TNT stamp posted on them.



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