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“Bzzz... The honey bear! He's after Grunty's golden honey piece, sting him Zubbas!”
Zubba, Banjo-Kazooie

The Zubbas are a species of hornet-like insects that appear in the Banjo-Kazooie series.



In Banjo-Kazooie, Zubbas can be found in their nest in Click Clock Wood. When visiting them as Bee Banjo, they explain they are guarding a Jiggy for Gruntilda and were warned of a Honey Bear nearby that would try to steal the jigsaw piece. During Spring, Banjo can only enter the nest while transformed into a bee, not being able to obtain the Jiggy that way. During Summer, the bear and bird can enter their nest and steal the Jiggy, having to defeat the Zubbas first. During Autumn, their home is completely empty, with only one Zubba remaining to tell the duo that they all moved out. During Winter, they are completely absent and their hive is mostly destroyed.


In Banjo-Tooie, Zubbas can be found in Cloud Cuckooland and explain they obtained a new hive, after moving out in the last game. They serve as enemies, attacking the duo if they get near one. They also host a mini-game that is only accessible as Bee Banjo, where various different-colored Zubbas fly around and are required to be shot in order to win points. Blue Zubbas are worth 3 points, Green Zubbas are worth two points and Red Zubbas are worth one point.



  • "Bzzz...Hello fat little bee. We Zubbas are guarding Grunty's golden honey piece, we've been told there's a honey bear out there!"
  • "Bzzz...the honey bear! He's after Grunty's golden honey piece, sting him Zubbas!"
  • "Bzzz...he's back, sting him!"
  • "Bzzarrg...he's beaten us! Oh well, we were getting bored of guarding it anyway..."
  • "Bzzz...nothing for you now, bear, we've all moved out!"


  • "Nice zzzhot! But only the zzztingy can enter our hive!"
  • "Now zzzhoot thizzz lotzzz of timezzz!"
  • "Your zzzhooting is not good enough!"
  • "Nice zzzhooting! Why not come inzzzide?"
  • "Greetingzzz! Azzz you can zzzee, we zzzubas have a new nezzzt! To celebrate, we've arranged a little zzzhooting game! If you zzzcore 40 pointzzz or more, we'll give you a prizzze!"
  • "Manage to beat 50 pointzzz or more, then there'zzz an extra zzzpecial prizzze for you!
  • Do you need any inzzztructionzzz?"
  • "It's really eazzzy. Just zzzhoot my friendzzz azzz they fly around. Try to zzzcore as many pointzzz azz you can within 60 zzzecondzzz. Blue onezzz are worth 3 onezzz are zzzcore 2 pointzzz....and red onezzz juzzzt one point!"
  • "Ready? 3...2...1...Go!"
  • "Nice zzzhooting! You zzzcored enough to win zzzecond prizzze!"
  • "Amazzzing! You alzzzo got enough to win the firzzzt prizzze too!"
  • "Do you want to play again?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ザバス