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Bubblegloop Swamp

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Bubblegloop Swamp[1], also formatted as Bubble Gloop Swamp[2][3], is the fourth world of Banjo-Kazooie. It is a large swamp with piranha-infested waters.



In Banjo-Kazooie, Bubblegloop Swamp's entrance is found on the fourth floor of Gruntilda's Lair, to the left of the Gruntilda statue, atop an orange hill. Fifteen Jiggies are required to enter this level: seven to complete the level's own Jigsaw Picture and 8 for the previous three. The jigsaw puzzle is in the same room as the entrance to Clanker's Cavern, through a tunnel that only opens once a switch on the room is hit with the Beak Buster. The only move taught by Bottles in this world is the Stilt Stride, which requires Wading Boots to be used. In this world, Mumbo Jumbo transforms Banjo and Kazooie into a crocodile.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts[edit]

In Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Bubblegloop Swamp is mentioned in the description of the Tanktup effigy in Banjoland.


Image Enemy Count
Beehive B-K.png Beehive 4
Buzzbomb.png Buzzbomb
Flibbit B-K ending.jpg Flibbit
Yellow Flibbit jumps.png Yellow Flibbit 6

Items and collectibles[edit]

Image Name Amount Location
BK XBLA Blue Egg icon.png Egg 50 -
BK XBLA Red Feather icon.png Red Feather 30 -
BK XBLA Golden Feather icon.png Golden Feather 10 -
BK XBLA Extra Honeycomb icon.png Extra Honeycomb Piece 2
BK XBLA Extra Life icon.png Extra Life 5
  • Atop the giant egg, before being hit.
  • Behind a tree near the spot where the third Croctus appears.
  • If Mr. Vile is beaten in his challenge after his Jiggy has already been won, he will reward Banjo and Kazooie with three Extra Lives.


No. Official title (Player's Guide) Description
1 A Forty-five-second Race The first Jiggy appears once a Puzzle Switch is pressed, and needs to be reached within 45 seconds, as it disappears otherwise.
2 Break the Big Egg The second Jiggy can be found inside a large egg that needs to be attacked on its weak spot, marked by an X, multiple times before revealing the jigsaw piece. The first layer can be broken with the Beak Buster, the second with the Rat-a-tat Rap, the third with the Beak Buster again, the fourth with the Beak Barge and the final one with one more Beak Buster.
3 Flibbit Ambush In the center of Bubblegloop Swamp, the third Jiggy can be found being guarded by six Yellow Flibbits. Once they are all defeated, they give up and let Banjo and Kazooie have the jigsaw piece
4 High-rise Huts Atop tall, green platforms, six wooden huts can be found. They can be destroyed with the Beak Buster, and the fourth Jiggy can be found inside one of them.
5 A Treacherous Trail At the start of a maze that leads to Mumbo's Skull, a Puzzle Switch can be found. Once pressed, it gives Banjo and Kazooie 10 seconds to wear a pair of Wading Boots and traverse the path to reach a Jiggy.
6 Mean Mr. Vile Near the center of the swamp, a large crocodile can be entered as Crocodile Banjo. Inside, Mr. Vile challenges him to a mini-game. When it is won for the first time, the duo earns a Jiggy.
7 Feed the Croctus Near the Start/Exit Pad, a Croctus with light green-colored eyes can be fed with Blue Eggs. Once that is done, it will disappear and another one will appear in another spot of Bubblegloop Swamp. Once this happens 4 more times, the last one will leave a Jiggy behind before vanishing like the rest.
8 Tanktup Tanktup, a giant turtle, can be found complaining about his cold feet. When they are hit with the Beak Buster and warmed up, he rewards the duo with a Jiggy.
9 Be a Master Maestro After Tanktup has already been helped, his mouth can be entered to reveal Tiptup and his choir practicing inside. When interacted with, Tiptup asks for Banjo and Kazooie to replicate three of the choir's songs by hitting the turtles' shells with the Beak Buster. If they are all successfully replicated, Banjo and Kazooie are rewarded with a Jiggy.
10 The Jinjos Five Banjo and Kazooie must find all five Jinjos.


Color Location
BK XBLA Blue Jinjo icon.png
Atop a pole near the maze that leads to Mumbo's Skull
BK XBLA Green Jinjo icon.png
Inside an elevated cave near the second Croctus
BK XBLA Orange Jinjo icon.png
Against the wall in the piranha-infested water, near a Beehive.
BK XBLA Purple Jinjo icon.png
In the water under the elevated wooden huts.
BK XBLA Yellow Jinjo icon.png
On a platform near the Start/Exit Pad.

Witch Switch[edit]

Image Location
Witch Switch of Mumbo's Mountain.png The Witch Switch is inside one of the elevated wooden huts, near the one with a Jiggy.

Mumbo Tokens[edit]

No. Location
1 Behind Mumbo's Skull
2 Behind Mumbo Jumbo, inside his skull.
3 Inbetween the the nostrils of Mr. Vile's giant crocodile.
4 Near the Green Jinjo.
5 Next to the six wooden huts, inbetween two platforms.
6 Atop a large pole near the giant egg and the Blue Jinjo.
7 and 8 Under the platforms with the wooden huts, in the piranha-infested waters.
9 Behind the pillar with the Yellow Jinjo, in the waters.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Marais moisi Moldy Swamp
German Bubblegloop Swamp
Bubbleglopp Sumpf
Bubblegloop Swamp (Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts)
Italian Bubblegloop Swamp Bubblegloop Swamp
Japanese ブクゲコぬま
Buku Geko Numa
Bubble Ribbit Swamp
Spanish El Pantano Burbujeante Bubblegloop Swamp


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