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The Sandcastle is a location in Banjo-Kazooie.

Features and overview[edit]

Banjo and Kazooie enter a cheat in the Sandcastle

The Sandcastle is an area within Treasure Trove Cove. It is notable for being the area where Banjo and Kazooie can enter cheat codes, including those to unlock each of the Stop 'n' Swop items. However, if the duo enter three cheats, Gruntilda might delete the player's save file.

At first, the Sandcastle is submerged in a pool of water. There are four Musical Notes on the Sandcastle's roof, and it is guarded by a Shrapnel. To access the Sandcastle, Kazooie must patch Leaky with two eggs. In return, Leaky drains the water, which also causes the Shrapnel to disappear with it.

There are many floor tiles inside the Sandcastle. Every second tile shows a letter of the alphabet except "Q" (which is also one of the Grunty's Furnace Fun questions). A small prison cell containing a Black Snippet and a Jiggy is at the opposite end of the entrance. To get the Jiggy, Banjo and Kazooie must use Beak Buster to spell "BANJOKAZOOIE" from the respective floor tiles. The challenge is hinted at by the word being engraved on the left wall. When the first tile is pounded, a time limit is triggered. Once Banjo and Kazooie spell the word, the cell gate lifts, allowing them to get the Jiggy. They can optionally fight the Black Snippet, who roams around the room after being freed.


  • One of the Sandcastle codes is to unlock Treasure Trove Cove, despite it being located within the world itself. This suggests that the Sandcastle would have originally appeared in a different world.