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The Sandcastle is an area located in Treasure Trove Cove. It is where all the Cheat Codes in Banjo-Kazooie are entered.

It is a large castle with 4 Musical Notes on top, guarded by a Shrapnel. You must fire two eggs inside a bucket called Leaky, which will patch him up. Somehow, he then drains the water from the castle so you can enter (and it explodes the mine if you haven't already done so) and be able to type words on the floor by using the Beak Buster.


Also located inside the Sandcastle is the 4 notes, Black Snippet, and the Jiggy he is guarding, both of which are trapped behind a gate in the back of the Sandcastle. The player must spell out "BANJOKAZOOIE" to open the gate and collect the Jiggy (fighting the Black Snippet is optional).

On the Sandcastle floor there is no letter "Q". Gruntilda asks a question about this in Grunty's Furnace Fun.

Cheating 3 times May make Gruntilda Delete the Game pak.


  • One of the codes for the sandcastle is used to unlock Treasure Trove Cove. However, this makes little sense, as the sandcastle is located within Treasure Trove Cove. Because of this, some players have been led to believe that the Sandcastle was to be originally located in the first world, Mumbo's Mountain, much like the Code Room for Banjo-Tooie was located in the first world, Mayahem Temple.