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Banjo-Kazooie (Xbox Live Arcade)

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Banjo-Kazooie is a port of the game of the same name for the Xbox 360 as part of the Xbox Live Arcade. It was published by Microsoft in 2008 and made several minor changes to both the graphics and gameplay, as well as adding some extra content through Stop 'n' Swop. This version would later be included in Rare Replay and Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) service.


New Features[edit]


  • As with later games, Musical Notes stay collected even after leaving a world or losing a life.
  • Due to the more powerful hardware, most Instances of framerate drops have been removed.


  • All Changes made in the Japanese and European versions are standardized here.
  • The game is compatible with can run in HD, unlike the original which only ran in standard definition.
    • Also unlike the original, this version can run at a framerate of up to 60.
  • The textures have been redone with much higher fidelity.
  • The game can now be natively displayed in wide screen.
  • As this is on the Xbox 360, the Nintendo 64 logo on the title screen was removed.
  • As with Banjo Kazooe: Nuts and bolts, The dialogue is in Andy Bold, instead of Comicrazy.
  • Conker from Conker's bad fur day replaces Berri from Twelve Tales: Conker 64, the prototype of said game.
  • Two paintings from the original game were redone.
  • Due to legal reasons, the Nintendo logo has been replaced with a Microsoft Game Studios one.
  • The first scene in which Banjo and Kazooie go home through Spiral Mountain via a pre-recorded gameplay demo was removed
  • In the second ending, the scene in which Mumbo shows off the Stop N' Swop eggs in Treasure Trove Cove is cut short after the gameplay demonstrates and Banjo and Kazooie fall off the tower.


Icon Achievement Official description Gamerscore
Achievement Get Jiggy (BK) (XBLA).png Get Jiggy It doesn't matter which two, just successfully collect any two Jiggies. 10
Achievement Mumbo Jumbo (BK) (XBLA).png Mumbo Jumbo Get yourself transformed by Mumbo Jumbo for the first time. Now that's magic! 10
Achievement Knock out Nipper (BK) (XBLA).png Knock out Nipper Come out on top in a dust-up with Nipper the crab. Watch out, he's called Nipper for a reason. 15
Achievement Free Clanker (BK) (XBLA).png Free Clanker Liberate Clanker, Gruntilda's rusty and recalcitrant garbage grinder. 15
Achievement Chomp Chomp (BK) (XBLA).png Chomp Chomp! They're red and no less than 30 of them need chomping. Nuff said. 15
Achievement Move Master (BK) (XBLA).png Move Master Discover and master all Banjo's moves… and Kazooie's… but nobody else's. Unless you insist. 15
Achievement Show me the Honey (BK) (XBLA).png Show me the Honey! Collect all 24 of the extra honeycomb pieces. Yes! Every single one! It's character-building. 15
Achievement The Quiz Master (BK) (XBLA).png The Quiz Master Complete Grunty's Furnace Fun quiz show and win the Star Prize. Been paying attention? 20
Achievement Jinjonatored (BK) (XBLA).png Jinjonatored Fear the Jinjonator. If you're a witch, that is. The Jinjonator lays the smack down on witches. 20
Achievement Jigsaw Maker (BK) (XBLA).png Jigsaw Maker Bet you thought jigsaws were boring! Bottles disagrees, and has seven of them to be solved. 20
Achievement Cheating Cheato (BK) (XBLA).png Cheating Cheato Bump into Grunty's disowned spellbook three times as it hops around the place dishing out cheats. 20
Achievement Music Maestro (BK) (XBLA).png Music Maestro There are 900 musical notes out there in the world of Banjo-Kazooie. Real gamers collect them all... 25


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  • On release, a glitch existed where, if Musical Notes were collected by Banjo in Bottles' Moving Picture Game before they were obtained in the actual level, they would be permanently unobtainable. A patch was shortly released that fixed this issue.