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In the ending character parade

Grabba is type of Slappa who is holding a Jiggy in Gobi's Valley of Banjo-Kazooie. Although not quite as malicious as Slappa, he is far from helpful, taunting Banjo by waving the Jiggy around and disappearing into the ground if Banjo tries to grab it; even the Talon Trot does not have enough speed to reach the jigsaw in time.

The two ways of successfully grabbing the Jiggy are to use the super fast Turbo Talon Trot by finding a pair of Turbo Trainers which Bottles teaches Kazooie to use from his molehill in the valley, not far from Grabba's area, or to try a risky Beak Bomb, using a Flight Pad but using the Turbo Talon Trot is more easier and recommended.

Grabba is quite disappointed when Banjo takes the treasure he has apparently had for a thousand years, but nonetheless congratulates him on a job well done and then disappears into the sand.


Grabba's name comes from the verb "grab", because he grabs a Jiggy when Banjo and Kazooie are near him.