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“A letter about you appeared in a flash, like you just did. Came from some Mimba Jimba fella.”
Bozzeye, Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

Bozzeye is an elderly mole and the distant ancestor of Bottles. He only appears in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, where he assumes Bottles' role of teaching abilities to Banjo and Kazooie. Bozzeye has two lazy eyes and a white beard.

Like Jamjars in Banjo-Tooie, Bozzeye only teaches an ability to Banjo if he acquires a certain number of Musical Notes. Every move that he teaches originates from the original Nintendo 64 games, except the Battery Eggs.


Banjo meets Bozzeye at the start of the game, after Mumbo Jumbo sends him back in time to rescue Kazooie. Bozzeye claims to have received a letter from Mumbo Jumbo saying that Banjo would appear. He tells Banjo to visit a nearby molehill to learn his first move, Pack Whack. Banjo can only talk to Bozzeye in front of a molehill, otherwise he prompts Banjo to walk to the front. He is featured in all six worlds.

Moves taught[edit]

Bozzeye teaches a total of 15 moves during the game.

Move Location Cost (Notes)
Pack Whack Spiral Mountain 10
Dive Cliff Farm 25
Climb Cliff Farm 40
Forward Roll Cliff Farm 60
Eggs Breegull Beach 80
Feathery Flap Breegull Beach 110
Talon Trot Breegull Beach 140
Bill Drill Bad Magic Bayou 170
Rat-a-tat Rap Bad Magic Bayou 210
Battery Eggs Bad Magic Bayou 260
Wonderwing Spiller's Harbor 350
Jump Pad Spiller's Harbor 370
Ice Eggs Spiller's Harbor 410
Fire Eggs Freezing Furance 470


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