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Smuggler's Cavern

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The pipe to Grunty Industries.

Smuggler's Cavern is a large cavern underneath Jolly's in Jolly Roger's Lagoon. It can be accessed in two ways: through Jolly's via exploding a wall segment, or by diving into the lagoon and going down a tunnel.

There is a Talon Torpedo-able pipe which leads to Grunty Industries, and is the only way to collect one of that world's Jinjos.


There is a Jiggy atop the column in the middle of the cavern. It is designed to be collected by Kazooie's Glide, but can be collected through presice use of Clockwork Kazooie Eggs. There is a hard way to get it using the split pads and the Turbo Trainersas proven by Bikdiponabus during his Let's Play of the game.&nbsp There is also a Seemee in the cavern. Because the items are random, it could be a second Jiggy, but it could also be a Cheato Page, an Extra Honeycomb Piece, or just an item nest.