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Flume of Doom

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Flume of Doom.png

The Flume of Doom is a broken ride that appears in the Pine Grove area of Isle o' Hags in Banjo Tooie. It is part of Witchyworld. Parts of the ride are submerged in water and have flown off the tracks. Suggesting that who ever rode it was either possibly injured or killed. The ride's true purpose is a large mystery, but some believe that it is one of the hidden places where the original Stop 'n' Swop was to take place. Although, it's more likely that this was simply for decoration. For some odd reason, this ride cannot be seen from inside Witchyworld.


  • The skulls that stand for the two "o's" have a striking similarity to the skulls in Mumbo Jumbo's houses.
  • Every log that has been visibly launched has 2 note baskets (10 notes) in each of them.