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Zubba Nest

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The Zubba Nest is an area of Click Clock Wood in Banjo-Kazooie. It is a rather large nest that sticks out of the side of The Large Tree. The Zubbas live inside the nest (hence the name).

The only way to get inside the nest is through a small hole in the front during the Spring. In addition, you can only access this hole when transformed into a bee. Inside the nest, there is a Jinjo on the top of the large stack of honeycombs.

In the summer, there is a pad on top that you can beak bust open and go inside. Once inside, you will face the Zubbas in a show down to the death for a Jiggy. Out of nowhere, the Zubbas will pop up and fly at Banjo, hurting him. The most effective way of dealing with these guys is to use Kazooie's Wonderwing. However, you will need approximately 8 Golden Feathers to kill all the Zubbas. Once they are defeated, you will be rewarded with the Jiggy that is molded to the floor by what appears to be a solid block of honey.

If you visit the nest in Autumn, there will only be one Zubba left and he will tell you, "Bzzz, nothing left for you now bear. We've all moved out." There are, however, two Caterpillars to be found (one in the middle and one on the top of the nest outside) and 4 musical notes in each corner.

Unfortunately, when Winter finally comes, the nest will be nearly completely destroyed, with only half remaining and covered in snow.

Also if you enter as a bee in spring you can fly repeatedly into top left corner and go past the wall resulting in that you will be sent to the warp pad at the beginning of the level.