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Ice Egg

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“Freezing cold but that's the price...for launching eggs of solid ice!”

Ice Eggs are one of several different eggs that Kazooie can use as ammunition in Banjo-Tooie. Jamjars teaches her about them on the Cliff Top in the Isle O' Hags. Ice Eggs can be fired two at a time, and Kazooie can carry 50 of them at first.

Hitting an enemy with an Ice Egg will freeze it in its tracks, setting it up for a stronger follow-up attack such as the slow-firing Grenade Eggs. Although this is usually not particularly useful, it can come in handy when dealing with smaller, fast-moving enemies which might be harder to hit with slower attacks, especially in multiplayer games.

Ice Eggs can also be used to extinguish large fires which may block Banjo's path, such as those in the Bonfire Cavern in Terrydactyland. They can also freeze the Octopi in Atlantis, and the fans in the water supply pipes in Jolly Roger's Lagoon. Ice Eggs are used to give power in the alien spaceship in Jolly Roger's Lagoon as well as damage fire-based enemies such as Hothands and Chilli Billi. They can also put out the fire on other enemies caused by Fire Eggs; however, they will still take the burn damage from the fire egg.

In Banjo-Pilot, Ice Eggs act as a defensive item analogous to Bananas from the Mario Kart series. Instead of being fired, they form ice cubes that hang in the air wherever they are deployed. Ice cubes cause opponents to crash if run into and block incoming Fire Eggs and Saucers of Peril.