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Grunty's Pot 'O' Gold Challenge

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Grunty's Pot 'O' Gold Challenge is a minigame found in Cloud Cuckooland. First, Mumbo must create a rainbow from the pot of gold to mountain. Then, Banjo and Kazooie must press a switch, opening up the pot of gold for a set period of time. If the duo enter the pot of gold in time, they will be allowed to play the minigame. In the center of the pot of gold, there are four holes in an alter, each representing a different type of Egg. If Kazooie fires the correct egg into the correct holes, then the pot of gold will light up. The duo must then stand in the center of the alter and, by using the Golden Eggs, fire at as many Jiggy paintings on the wall as possible. There are one hundred of these paintings total. If enough of the paintings are hit, the bird and bear will be awarded a Jiggy.