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Crazy Castle Stockade

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The Crazy Castle Stockade is an area in the Wild West area of Witchyworld. As its name suggests, it is where the Crazy Castle is found.

It is also where Banjo alone learns the move "Pack Whack" from Jamjars. However, First banjo must avoid the Minjo without any sort of attack or protection. But once the honey bear completes this simple task, he is well rewarded with his very first move, which is required to beat the game, as it is banjo's only form of attack throughout the game.

Unlike most areas in Witchyworld, The duo can earn a maximum of 2 Jiggys, provided that they both power up the inflating machine and win both minigames that are hosted in the castle itself first. To do this, the pair must split up using the split-up-pads found on the side of the Stockade (They will have to have learnt the move "split up" before this is possible, it is behind the big top tent in the same world) Banjo, having learnt the move Grip Grab, will have no trouble getting into the inflation room. However, Kazooie, having not increased her jump hight, and must use the aid of the barrel conveniently placed next to the entrance. Once this task is done, the large yellow castle will inflate, giving way to 2 new minigames. One for both Banjo and Kazooie, and another for Kazooie alone.

This room is also featured in the "Saucer of Peril" ride, as the duo fly around the castle total of 3 times, Many ranges of targets appear for the bear and bird to bag many more points.

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