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Tiptup Jr.

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Tiptup Jr. is the son of Tiptup in Banjo-Tooie. During the game, Tiptup Jr.'s egg is months late in hatching, so Tiptup asks Kazooie to help him along. Once Kazooie uses her Hatch ability, Tiptup Jr. is able to free himself from his egg shell, but tips over on his back and is unable to get up. This requires Kazooie to use her Wing Whack to help him back onto his feet. In exchange for her help, Tiptup gives Kazooie a Jiggy he found in the sand and then departs to sea with his newborn son.


  • When Banjo hits Tiptup Jr.'s egg before he hatches with a Grenade Egg, Tiptup yells at Banjo saying that trying to blow the egg up isn't how to hatch an egg and he doesn't want his child blown to bits.
  • Tiptup Jr. has nineteen older sisters - Tiptup was relieved when he was born, as he had been desperately hoping for a boy.