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Oogle Boogle Tribe

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“Me warm but still need food. Junk food good...”
An Oogle Boogle caveman, Banjo-Tooie
In the ending character parade

The Oogle Boogle Tribe is a group of cavemen from Terrydactyland in Banjo-Tooie. When Banjo and Kazooie first enter Oogle Boogles' cave, they are cold and hungry the first time they've been seen. Banjo and Kazooie must help all three cavemen by warming them up and giving them food.

To make them warm, use Fire Eggs to light their torches. For their hunger problem, you must sneak junk food from Witchyworld and bring it to the cave via the Claw Clamber path in the Area 51 zone, leading to a hole in the wall (the Claw Clamber Boots can be found on top of the big top, accessed by Grip Grabbing the cable car rope). The Oogle Boogles will reward you a Jiggy with teeth marks on it. Apparently this was because the Oogle Boogles thought there was chocolate inside it.

The Oogle Boogles are rivals to the Unga Bunga Tribe, who consider them bad men because the Oogle Boogles want to share Terrydactyland, while the Unga Bungas want to rule it.


First encounter:

  • Oogle Boogle: (shivering) H-h-hello...
  • Banjo: You should see someone about that stammer.
  • Oogle Boogle: (shivering) N-not s-stammer. F-f-freezing c-cold. C-cave no c-central h-heating. N-no food e-either. U-unga B-bunga Tribe got g-guard outside c-cave. P-please w-warm c-cave up and g-give f-f-food?
  • Kazooie: Y-you g-got Jiggy?
  • Oogle Boogle: (shivering) M-maybe. W-warmth and f-food f-f-first!
  • (striking up a conversation; shivering) M-me c-cold and h-hungry. Please h-help.

Warming up the Oogle Boogles:

  • Me warm but still need food. Junk food good...
  • Lovely! Can feel toes again. Need food now. Me like fast food!
  • Me need food you got! You give?
  • (if Yes) Mmmm, that tasty. Me all happy now.

Last tribe member saved:

  • Oogle Boogle: Bear and Bird friend save Oogle Boogle tribe from extinction. Must have reward now!
  • Banjo: Why are there teeth marks on it?
  • Oogle Boogle: Me thought chocolate was inside...