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Haunted Shack

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The Haunted Shack, also known as Tumblar's Shack, is a location of Mad Monster Mansion in Banjo-Kazooie and the residence of Tumblar. It is located near the Haunted Church. From the outside, it looks like a normal shack. The shack has some holes in the wood that shine light; on a technical level, these are the same light objects used for the toxic waste barrel in the Mutie-Snippet fight. On the roof of the shack are some Musical Notes. The interior of the shack appears larger than the exterior.

Inside the shack is a giant Ouja Board. On the border of the room are tiles of letters and Gruntilda's face. On the floor is a picture with Gruntilda, Banjo, and Kazooie in it. In the middle of the room is Tumblar, a glass cup. Tumblar is upside down with a Jiggy trapped under. Tumblar says he (or she) will give the duo a Jiggy if they complete the Spell Out BANJOKAZOOIE with Tumblar mini-game. To start, you jump onto Tumblar. As you spell, a purple Tee-Hee appears. Unlike the other Tee-Hees, this one circles around the border instead of chasing you. If you go on a Gruntilda tile, you lose a Honeycomb. If you complete the minigame, Tumblar disappears leaving a Jiggy behind.