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Flower Urn

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Flower Urns are pots that appear in Mad Monster Mansion in Banjo-Kazooie. When Kazooie lays eggs in them, they sprout flowers. They will then say "Thank You" in a long, spooky voice. If Kazooie lays eggs into all the pots to sprout flowers, they will reward Banjo with a Jiggy.


  • Because of the way the Flower Urns talk, people often mistakenly hear the pots say "something else" of vulgar nature. Rareware has mentioned that this is untrue and that the pots merely say "Thank You".


  • In some instances, you can come back to the urns and fill them with eggs once more, and the dramatic music will play as if there is another Jiggy to obtain. This usually happens if you have gotten far past Mad Monster Mansion and deeper into Gruntilda's Lair.

Hidden Passages[edit]

Around the church in Mad Monster Mansion, right next to one of the urns is a stained glass window showing Banjo and Kazooie. You can jump right through this area and find yourself in a hidden room. You just might find something nice in it.