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This is a list of quotes from Gruntilda Winkybunion throughout the Banjo-Kazooie series.



Game Manual[edit]

  • Tiny creatures far below, which of you'll be first to go?
  • As cute as me, you stupid pot? For her own sake, I hope she's not!
  • I need those looks far more than she, and finally perfect I shall be!


  • Dingpot, Dingpot, by the bench, who is the nicest looking wench?
  • Yes you're right, I'm rather proud, my looks stand me out from the crowd!
  • What do you mean, this cannot be, there's no one prettier than me!
  • No, no, no, you must be mad, nicer beauty can't be had!
  • If Tooty thinks she's fairer than me, I'll steal her looks and ugly she'll be!
  • Come to me, my little pretty, you'll soon be ugly, what a pity!
  • Don't scratch and bite, my little bear, you'll soon need bigger underwear!
  • This fine contraption, so I'm told, will make me young and Tooty old!
  • Rescue you he will not dare, there's many dangers in my lair!
  • Hurry, Klungo, push that switch, I'm tired of being an ugly witch!

Gruntilda's Lair[edit]

At Random (usually when walking around)[edit]

  • Many tricks are up my sleeve, to save yourself you'd better leave!
  • Grunty's plan is rather cunning, when I'm thin, guys will be running!
  • Long of tooth and strong of arm, Grunty's got the lasting charm!
  • I don't like stairs much in my lair, they always make me gasp for air!
  • Can't you get here any faster? Come and fight me, I'm the master!
  • If you think I'm rather soft, I'll be waiting in the loft!
  • Why do I talk all the time, it's really hard to make these rhyme!
  • I'm still here, I watch you play, but I can't think of much to say!
  • It really does sound quite absurd, adventure of a bear and bird!
  • How bright they are, your stupid shorts, a target for my dumb cohorts!
  • That ugly bear, you feathered freak, is nothing but a stupid geek!
  • Join me now and dump the bear, that little backpack then I'll wear!
  • Your side with Banjo but change tack, imagine you on Grunty's back!
  • Your feathered buddy, that you've brung, useless like a pile of dung!
  • I can see it's quite hard work, to lump around that squawking jerk!
  • My next world is the hardest yet, and you will fail, on that I'll bet!
  • Tooty's fate is looking grim, it's because her brother's dim!
  • I've got this skirt so when I'm thinner, it really makes me look a winner!
  • When Tooty is a big ole lump, I've got just the frock to hide her rump!
  • Your butt will tell you and you'll know, when my boot swings to and fro!
  • When the back of Grunty's hand, whups your butt you'll hardly stand!
  • Hey Banjo, you're looking glum, it must be hard, being so dumb!
  • Grunty's stomach and leg thins, goodbye to all those double chins!
  • Once I'm nice and thin once more, burgers, fries, and chips galore!
  • Tooty says she's fine with me, if you go home I'll set her free!
  • Grunty admits she's a hog, I really need a big hot dog!
  • Monsters chase you, they're a hounding, then you'll get a Grunty pounding!
  • My belly's big, it's rather neat, it's years since I have seen my feet!
  • I've learned this spell, it's really neat, I'll keep it later for your treat!

Specific Events[edit]

  • There he is, the fun begins, my tricks and traps will see who wins!
  • That was such an easy fit, the others may just test your wit!
  • You've found some notes but you need more, to break my spell and pass this door!
  • That door was easy you got past, unfortunately your first and last!
  • When you open a world door, baddies escape and roam once more!
  • Hey, book brain, what did you say? You'd better not give my spells away!
  • If one more page I see you turn, then Grunty shall make Cheato burn!
  • That traitor book has pushed its luck, so in the burning fire I'll chuck!
  • What's wrong Banjo, is it tough? Let me know when you've had enough!
  • It's not over stupid bear, see my picture over there!
  • To fill it up is no mean feat, lots of Jiggies make it complete!
  • Pieces that you've left behind, to battle me you must go find!
  • I'm sad to say down there you'll stop, 'cuz I'm safe here at the top!
  • Don't be sure you silly pot, soon I'll have you nice and hot!
  • See these filthy clothes I've got, when I've won you'll wash the lot!
  • Grunty's fate this should not be, so hurry, Klungo, rescue me!
  • Stop using cheats in my tower, you are getting all the power.
  • Now I will erase your Game Pak, because you had the need to hack!
  • The free trial's over so here's where you're staying, or buy the full game to carry on playing. (She says this after you obtain 3 jiggies only in the XBLA demo version of Banjo-Kazooie)

Treasure Trove Cove[edit]

Bubblegloop Swamp[edit]

  • First you see it, now you don't, the fast one wins, the slow one won't!
  • I'll be young and Tooty old, before you get Gruntilda's gold!

Gobi's Valley[edit]

Mad Monster Mansion[edit]

  • Oh, those lovely thorns, how they've grown, music to my ears as you moan!
  • I can't believe you went in there, wash your hands now, filthy bear!
  • These two guests are rather dumb, let's make sure they're unwelcome!
  • Yes I'm mad, my boot I'll put, up your useless spooky butt!
  • Big oak door is very tough, stupid bear's not fast enough!

Rusty Bucket Bay[edit]

  • My oily water, in you plunge, you'll lose air while in that gunge!
  • Under the scum you'll breathe your last, 'cuz air is used twice as fast!
  • Stupid bear, you'll have to learn, that red hot ovens tend to burn!
  • A simple task you were sure, but Grunty's engines start once more!

Click Clock Wood[edit]

  • My bramble field makes you yelp, and loss of life it sure does help!
  • You'll use your air up double fold, I've made this water double cold!
  • Yes that's right, swim under there, icy water takes double air!

Grunty's Furnace Fun[edit]


  • Welcome all, Grunty's the name, Banjo's here to play my game!
  • My lair is done and there he stands, through all my tricks and traps and lands!
  • This final test will see me win, when Banjo fails then I'll be thin!
  • The prizes on this stand bring joy, from Tooty down to cuddly toy!
  • My little quiz will make you sweat, and Tooty you shall never get!
  • 'Cuz somewhere soon along the way, your lack of skill will make my day!
  • 'Cuz in the fiery pit you'll go, and I will win the prize on show!
  • So step on over to the square, press A Button to try it if you dare!
    • So I see you're back to try, one more time but you will fry!


  • A little answer's all I seek, about this game you furry geek!
  • A visual challenge you stupid bear, to tell me who is it or where!
  • A question on the sounds I play, get it wrong to make my day!
  • Just one chance to get this right, win a joker and help it might!
    • Each joker card that you have got, will skip your question, that's your lot!
    • Press B Button to use it you little cheat, when on a square you get cold feet!
    • Your joker misses out on a square, accept the test you did not dare!
  • Prepare yourself to take a whack, pick this test, you won't come back!
  • I think it's time, so let me see, how much you know of little old me!
  • Get this wrong for Grunty's sake, then a lava bath you will take!
  • Try this one, but don't be lame, you'll lose a life and lose the game!


  • The name of your game you must spell, backwards though, be quick as well!
  • Mighty Big Box you must now fight, but be quick as the time is tight!
  • This is tough, your chances are slim, of you eating more than him!
  • Little stings that make a bear shout, whack them all before time's out!
  • The tiles await for you to match, time is tight but that's the catch!
  • Watch as the turtles sing their song, repeat it quick, you won't get long!

Answering correctly[edit]

  • A lucky guess, you got it right, the next square's yours without a fight!
  • Hear the crowd, they boo and hiss, to see you fail they would not miss!
  • That's a secret, how did you know? Did my sister tell you so?

Failing a square[edit]

  • Fail a square and you'll feel pain, please press A Button to try again!
  • Get more wrong, yes that's the way, the crowds are happier today!
  • An easy challenge you have assumed, one more wrong and you are doomed!
  • No lives are left, he burns and chokes, I'm pleased to say that's all folks!

Collecting an item on the board[edit]

  • An extra life, I do not care, It will not help you scruffy bear!
  • The energy that you have found, won't stop me making Tooty round!


  • No one can win, I was assured, by the makers of this board!
  • It's not fair, I want to win, how I longed to be real thin!
  • Now you can take the prize on show, while up the winding stairs I go!
  • You won't catch me, I've made sure, all the credits you'll now endure!

Top of the Tower[edit]

Banjo and Kazooie entering[edit]

  • I can't believe that furry pair, got right up here it's so unfair!
  • But now the stupid bear must fight, this battle tests your skill and might!
  • Back once more, you'll never learn, that suits me fine, your butts I'll burn!
  • Who's back up here, oh my word, it's beaky fool and hairy nerd!
  • I can't believe you're up here again, stupid bear and dumb bird brain!
  • I'm not one to brag or boast, but after this you'll both be toast!
  • So you're back, you must be thick, you'll lose again, I'll make it quick.

1st Phase[edit]

Gruntilda gets hurt[edit]
  • Ouch my butt, it's now quite sore, I'll make you suffer, that's for sure!
  • What was that, you got me now, you've really angered this old cow!
  • A glancing blow, nothing more, now I'll knock you through the floor!
  • Now you've got me in a fluster, faster spells I'll have to muster!
Banjo and Kazooie get hurt[edit]
  • Did you hear that lovely clack, my broomstick gave you such a whack!
  • AAAH! I see it makes you sad, to know your skills are really bad!
  • I hit that bird right on the beak, let it be the end of her cheek!
  • My fiery blast you just tasted, Grunty's spells on you are wasted!
  • See the swoop and how I flew, my broomstick made a meal of you!
  • Hopeless bear runs to and fro, but takes a whack for being so slow!
  • Mmm. I see you took that one, a few more and your life is gone!

2nd Phase[edit]

  • It's too easy, so I fear, now watch me step things up a gear!
  • Don't hit me, that's quite enough, I think you'll find the next bit tough!
  • That last hit did clip my ear, but you can't get me over here!
  • Ah, it's time for me to change, my spot to put me out of range!
Gruntilda gets hurt[edit]
  • That didn't hurt, I feel no pain, Grunty's back to fight again!
  • AARGH! I'm slow with all of this lard. That egg of yours caught me off guard!
  • I can't dodge with all this weight, those nasty eggs I sure do hate!
  • Ouch! My gut you nearly hit, if your shot was down a bit!
  • This spot is proving rough, I'll have to move to make it more tough!
  • That's not fair, I wasn't ready! Now I feel faint and all unsteady...
  • Ahh, it's time for me to change, my spot just to put me out of range!
  • Ooof! I took another whack, but watch me give you double back!
Banjo and Kazooie get hurt[edit]
  • So I got you there once more, I knew your skill was very poor!
  • Simply put I'm rather proud, your yelps and screams I heard quite loud!
  • Hah! You took another zap, I got you through that little gap!
  • Grunty's fireball you did kiss, you're so slow I can hardly miss!
  • You're so sad and little lame - I've moved on, keep playing this game

!*Hear the fireball fizz and bang, your hairy butt took quite a clang!

3rd Phase[edit]

  • Off I fly 'cuz then we'll see, if you can get the best of me!
  • Did you know I learned to fly? At witch's school, I'm sure you know why.
  • A big old gal I may be, but when I fly you can't get me!
  • Old Bottle Brain has taught you well, but bears can't fly and I can tell!
  • Now I'm off into the air, leaving Banjo way down there.
  • See my broomstick, watch me fly, I'll beat your butt, don't even try!
  • Up in the air I'll be safe, at my leisure your butt I'll strafe!
Gruntilda gets hurt[edit]
  • Another hit, I'm getting weak, I really need to take a leak!
  • ARRGH! You got me once again, prepare to take this sizzle brain!
  • Oooh! You sniveling little pup, have this bolt, I'm speeding up!
  • YOW! That beak sure gave me a jolt, so you can have this here lightning bolt!
  • Ouch! Now that one really stung, take this nasty spell I've brung!
Banjo and Kazooie get hurt[edit]
  • This broom is hard and as it streaks, across the sky it chafes my cheeks!
  • Fireball fizz and fireball fly, blast that bear out of my sky!
  • Another hit, that's how it goes, watch me fly and pick my nose!
  • Soon you'll lose and when you've gone, I have to go and use the john!
  • Grunty's spell your body numbs, an easy task to hit those bums!

4th Phase[edit]

  • I may be old and rather wide, but underneath this shield I'll hide!
  • That pointy beak did not miss, but let's see it get through this!
  • Look at me I'm quite a mess, here's a shield to hide my dress!
  • A special shield I need to call, to stop your hits once and for all!
  • So Grunty doesn't come to grief, here's a spell I can hide beneath!
Jinjo statues appear[edit]
  • Come on then you little punks, Grunty's spells will make you chunks!
  • I hid those Jinjos really well, but must have used a lousy spell!
  • I hid you well for being bad, don't help the bear, you'll make me mad!
  • So your little furry friends, come here to share your very end!
Gruntilda gets hurt[edit]
  • How that Jinjo stung and burned, he got me when my back was turned!
  • That's unfair, I wasn't ready, Jinjos make me so unsteady!
  • Hey, that Jinjo really hurt, now I'll rub you in the dirt!
  • That wasn't fair, I wasn't ready, I feel all faint and unsteady!
  • I hold on hard and grit my teeth, to stop it dangling underneath!
  • Useless Jinjos sneer and hoot, go back right now or taste my boot!
  • Ooh! Those nasty pointy beaks, are causing swelling in my cheeks!
  • Don't hit me you flying pig, my anger is now growing big!
Banjo and Kazooie get hurt[edit]
  • Your stupid friends aren't much help, they stand there while I make you yelp!
  • Your silly friends upon their blocks, they're going to take a couple of knocks!
  • Your Jinjos really are a joke, now watch your lives go up in smoke!
  • Another hit, I don't believe, you didn't dodge, why don't you weave!
  • Get used to that, there's plenty more of other nasty spells in store!

5th Phase[edit]

  • Useless broomsticks I can't stand, it's left me stranded back on land!
  • That last shot I failed to stop, so down onto the ground I drop!
  • My broomstick failed with that last blow, now on my legs I have to go!
  • Ooof! You've winded me all around, to catch my breath I'm on the ground!
  • I've bet you thought you had me beat, but look! I've landed on my feet!
Jinjonator appears[edit]
  • What's all this, how dare you cheat, but I don't care, I can't be beat!
  • That's no good you stupid jerk, the Jinjo statue will not work!
  • I really think you ought to run, when I beat him and spoil your fun!
  • That rocky moron can't hurt me, 'cuz Grunty will the winner be!
Banjo and Kazooie get hurt[edit]
  • Hear the fizzle and feel the pain, you're going to lose a life again!
  • Spells rain down upon your head, you stand no chance when I see red!
  • The bear is dumb, the bird's a twit, 'cuz I just got another hit!
  • I'm just warming up right now, such fine shots from this old cow!
  • Grunty's aim is rather good, if you could run, I know you would!
Jinjonator attacks[edit]
  • I could take these shots all day, there's no way I'm going to sway!
  • See your Jinjo fail to work, he's nothing but a feeble jerk!
  • Your crafty plan stands no chance, I'm firmly rooted in this stance!
  • There's no way he'll shift my bulk, I watch you cry and have a sulk!
  • Even with your extra friend, I know you'll meet a nasty end!
  • Grunty's strength will see me through, when Jinjo's gone, I'll batter you!
Attack succeeds[edit]
  • That last Jinjo has finished me, but who laughs last we shall soon see!
  • I'm done for now, hear me choke, but look what's hidden in my cloak!
  • Poor old Grunty, set to fall, upon this spell I'll now call!
  • AARGH! I'm beaten fair and square, before I go I've got this to share!
  • It's all over I can tell, but Grunty's got just one more spell!
Magnet Spell[edit]
  • Here's my Magnet Spell at last, run and hide you won't get past!
  • Magic spell, seek out your prey, it's sure to hit, O' happy day!
  • See this spell, I think you'll find, its target will be your behind!
  • Here is a spell of Banjo homing, get him now to stop his roaming!
  • It's now time to end your fun, here comes a spell you can't outrun!

Game Over[edit]

  • Banjo's game ends in my tower, turn it up, I need full power!
  • Look at Grunty she's a beauty, I'm much prettier than Tooty!




  • No, no, no, this cannot be! What happened to little old me?
  • I hate bones, a body I need, can you help with this little deed?
  • Right then, girls, let's fix me up, then Banjo's hairy butt I'll whup!
  • Leave it to me, he's no hassle! I'll kick butt, then off to the castle!
  • Revenge is mine, I cannot miss, let's see that furry fool dodge this!
  • Hold on, sis, I'm nearly there, I've just been to blast that bear!
  • No, no, Klungo, you stay here, I'll be back, have no fear!

When B.O.B. scene starts[edit]

  • Come on, sisters, time I lack! What's the plan to get my body back?
  • Oh... If I must."

Tower of Tragedy[edit]

Thank you, thank you... I'm Grunty, your host, and may I welcome you to my Tower of Tragedy quiz! Let me run the rules for you all. There are three rounds of general knowledge questions, and the person with the lowest score at the end of each round will be eliminated! Correct answers score 2 points, with 1 point being awarded if it was a second guess following the incorrect answer from another contestant. Get one wrong and I'll take 2 points off you! Press B to buzz in and then A to answer if you can. Now let's meet tonight's victims, err...I mean contestants, shall we?
Introducing on the left...It's my gorgeous, slim sister, Mingella!
On the right we lovely, err...shapely sister, Blobbelda!
And in the middle...just some loser bear called Banjo.
  • Welcome. it's my Tower of Tragedy "Just for Fun" quiz round 1. Do you need the rules?
  • Fair enough.
  • Not bad.
  • You know-it-all.
  • A lucky guess.
  • Hmm...okay.
  • I'll accept that.
  • Well, it was 50/50...
  • I'll give you 1 point.
  • 1 point, I suppose...
  • Only 1 point though.
  • About time too.
  • Scavenger!
  • [if you fail to answer] What about the rest of you?
  • [if you fail to answer] Any other takers?
  • [if you fail to answer] I'll have to offer it...
  • Missed your chance...
  • Buzzer broken, huh?
  • You fool! Anyone else?
  • Dunce! Anyone else?
  • You half-wit! Anyone else?
  • Thicko! Anyone else?
  • Numbskull! Anyone else?
  • You plank! Anyone else?
  • No, no, no, you idiot.
  • That was easy...
  • Yippee! Wrong again!
  • No, no, no, you idiots!
  • I'm surrounded by morons...
  • That's the end of round 1. Looks like my sister Blobbelda is as thick as her waist, and her score of (any low score number) is as low as her IQ. Here's your consolation prize, Blobby...
  • That's the end of round 1. It seems that my sister Mingella has set a new standard of dumbness, with a hopeless score of (any low score number). Time to say goodbye, Mingy...
  • That's the end of round 2. It seems that my sister Mingella has also been beaten by that useless bear. Time to say goodbye, Mingy...
  • That's the end of round 2. Looks like my sister Blobbelda has also failed to beat that dumb bear. Here's your consolation prize, Blobby...
  • [in the event of a tie in Round 1] Oh goody. Round 1's ended in a draw. So I'll just unfairly select a loser at random. I choose... [random name]!
  • [in the event of a tie in Round 2] Excellent. It's a draw after Round 2, so I'll just unfairly select a loser at random. I choose... [random name]!
  • [If Banjo loses in Round 1] That's the end of round 1. As expected, it's the dunce bear who's last, with a loser's score of (any low score number).
  • [If Banjo loses in Round 2] That's the end of round 2. Your luck's run out, furface. I'm pleased to say you lost.
  • [If Banjo fails Round 3] That's the end of the final round. Look at the bear's score, everyone. Isn't it pathetic? I declare me the winner!

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge[edit]


  • With the Mecha-Grunty Klungo's made, Banjo's favor will be repaid.
  • I'll steal Kazooie and in a blast, I'll use my suit to change the past.
  • Without his bird, Banjo's lost, I won't give up at any cost!
  • Now I have your feathered friend, on my sisters I won't depend.
  • With this duo split in two, there's nothing that I cannot do!
  • Hold tight, Kazooie, we'll move quite fast, to travel back into the past.

Breegull Beach[edit]


  • Captive breegulls are the best, they work all day without a rest.
  • Now that I have trapped Kazooie, Banjo I can make chop-suey.
  • Look, Banjo's here without Kazooie's beak! No doubt your efforts will be weak.
  • You won't hurt me much without a bill, so I hope you've written out your will!

After beating[edit]

  • My defeat was a surprise, I think the sun was in my eyes!
  • I'd better get this suit upgraded, the bear alone I underrated.

Spiller's Harbor[edit]


  • Kazooie seems a little bitter, she should be my heavy hitter.
  • Since she's stayed by Banjo's arm, I'm going to have to do her harm!

After beating[edit]

  • This jumbo-mecha really stinks, a few small holes and it just sinks.
  • But when I meet you in my tower, I won't hold back, I'll use full power!

Grunty's Castle[edit]


  • Thank you Klungo, that's fantastic, to stop the bear my plans are drastic.
  • If this won't work, you know what to do, 'cos I'll be counting on plan two!

After beating Grunty at the first battle[edit]

  • Don't think you've beaten me so quick, I've got a plan, I'm not so thick!

Before starting a quiz[edit]

  • Now you've entered my fair castle, I'm giving you lots of hassle.
  • Before you go up a floor, I'll test your brain a little more.
  • With an answer is correct, with button A Button you can select.

After finishing a quiz[edit]

  • Drat, I'll see you at the next fight, it seems you got the answer right.
  • Hah, you got the answer wrong, I don't think you'll be living long.
  • This quiz is great, it builds my power! It's time to see you on the tower!

Final Boss Battle[edit]

  • The time has come to end this game, the future cannot be the same.
  • To your destruction you both race, of bear and bird I'll leave no trace!
  • My victory will be most splendid, when I rule all, and your life's ended!

After beating the final boss when you get 10/12 hits[edit]

  • Although you've smashed my mecha-suit, don't think you given me the boot.
  • Now I trapped you on my tower, I'll crush you with my ghostly power!

After beating the final boss when you get all 12/12 hits[edit]

  • AAAH! This can't be, my plan's a ruin, it's all Banjo and Kazooie's doing!


  • Why are my henchmen fools and twits? That Mecha-Grunty just fell to bits.
  • Klungo!! Get here now! Be quick! This defeat makes me feel sick!
  • Listen Klungo, save your shoulder, you'll never shift this massive boulder.
  • If you insist on getting blisters, first send a message to my sisters!

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts[edit]


  • Eight long years to bounce back here. I'll win this time and make you cheer!
  • Yes, it's me, you podgy fool. I'm back again and ready to rule!
  • At least I haven't got a gut. Let's rumble now, I'll bite your butt!
  • Your name is odd and you look a bit queer, So tell old Grunty, what brings LOG here?
  • That sounds like a preposterous ruse. What'll you do if we refuse?
  • My body's gone, but not my eyes. All I see is a pack of lies!
  • Bird was bad in our last game, now it seems she's extra lame!
  • Too slow losers, watch me go! I'll win this time, I just know!
  • While you've slept I've become a mechanic, building my Gruntbots to make you panic!
  • So birdbrain gets a nice new wrench, well what do you have for this lovely wench?

Showdown Town[edit]

  • Hey there bear, go fetch me a drink. I'm getting hot and my armpits stink!
  • After some deep consideration, I'll treat this farce as a free vacation!
  • Your feathered friend is such a joke, where are the "funny" lines she once spoke?
  • The race is on, the game is afoot, Banjo's chances just went kaput!
  • With special abilities left on the bench, all you have is that stupid wrench!
  • I came all the way to take you down, to bust your butt and reclaim my crown!
  • A bear, a bird, and a Lord of Games? How nice to have rivals so shockingly lame!
  • You must think you're a champion bruiser, all I see is a fleabag loser!
  • This town is such a confusing place, I'd slap the planner across the face!
  • Is it just me or is your nose square? The fans will hate it, you butt-ugly bear!
  • The Safehouse is open, the police are coming, I'll just stand here innocently humming! (opened a trap door tower)
  • You've open up more Showdown Town districts, shame they're full of freaks and misfits!
  • Jinjos and Jiggies? Bottles and Mumbo? Remind me again why I came back, dumbo!
  • My Gruntbots are out there causing trouble, smashing those cretinous worlds to rubble!
  • Spiral Mountain isn't so great, but it's Grunty's slice of real estate!
  • My body's not mine and my skull's all cracked. You still can't beat me and that's a fact!
  • You must have gone mad from Kazooie's blabbing, lazing around for years in that cabin!
  • I'll build a car from sticks and twine, and still outclass your best design!
  • All those years since we've butted heads, and still you're wearing those horrible threads?
  • Hunting Jiggies, I don't see the point. Why drag us here to this dead-end joint?
  • You're stubborn, bear, I can't deny it. If this goes wrong, I'll start a riot!
  • You can't beat me good in this game, I'll still come out as an eyeball or brain!
  • Beating my challenge, I think you're so clever. Your next success approximately never!
  • Can't be long from until the finale? Don't put too much faith in the Jiggy tally!
  • You were so porky and in such a mess. I'm stunned you got this far, I confess!
  • That smell doesn't mean I'm starving to worry, it's what happens after a Dingpot curry!

Nutty Acres[edit]

  • Now, what's this before my eyes? A coconut of such a size!
  • The Loco Coco this must be. Soon it's Grunty's, wait and see.
  • With a nut so big, so hard and strong, to flatten the farm won't take too long.
  • Loco Coco, you'll soon be mine. I'll ace this place before bedtime.
  • The Loco Coco is lost for all time, all I have left is my talent for rhyme!

LOGBOX 720[edit]

  • Porky bear needs to move a lot quicker, to stop the glubber being used as cat litter!
  • I'll give you a chance, since I'm no gloater. Race me to stop Piddles leaving a floater!
  • My plan's destroyed, you're in the top rank. This cat's worse than Klungo if I'm being frank!
  • Persistence pays off, I've always found! I've rebuilt my boat for another round!


  • Thick-witted bear and feather face, do you know why I'm here in this dreary place?
  • No, you fools, I came to lay waste. But it's already trashed. I should have made haste!
  • Fine then, freaks. I'll wreck it some more! Now don't interrupt my childish chore!
  • Useless bear, come here and fight! I stayed up building this thing all night!
  • Where are you, bear? I'll pound you flat, and wear the bird as a novelty hat!
  • You've taken the spring right out of my step. I've got to stop losing, it's ruining my rep!
  • Looks like I'm thwarted good and proper. This thing's become a hopping cropper!


  • Water Polo, it's the finest of sports, I'll never lose to a bear in shorts!
  • I scored all those goals in my first try. Beat that, you can't! Now don't you cry!
  • All those balls, and you won't come close. Just try it and you'll end up toast.
  • I'll bash and block, ram and charge! Competitive Grunty giving it large!
  • Stop looking so smug, you brainless bear! You trounced me, so what? I don't even care!
  • 9-Ball is my latest game. Grunty's the hustler, that's the name!
  • My new weapon's rather glorious. I'll smash your balls and be victorious!
  • You can't do that, it's just not fair! You pay the price, you sweaty bear!
  • Don't spoil my fun, you furry clown! You set 'em up, I'll knock 'em down!
  • You're cheating now, come on, come clean! Don't interfere with my machine!
  • These laser blasts were meant to break you. It's going wrong, I really hate you!
  • This laser makes me hard to beat. Bend down and kiss my warty feet!
  • Thanks for nothing, stubborn fool. You're undermining my new tool!
  • You took me out without missing a trick. You scruffy old bear, you make me sick!
  • I'm working hard to cause you grief. Now lose the torch you Jiggy thief!
  • Dropping stuff is tons of fun! I'll drown or squash you as you run!
  • I see you're making one last dash. Do try to dodge the massive splash!

Terrarium of Terror[edit]

  • See my vehicle, I'm proud to man it! Full of surprises and bad for the planet!
  • This vehicle guzzles so much gas, destroying more ozone with every pass!
  • Don't get in the way, your plans will flop! I'm hard to see and harder to stop!
  • I'd curse if this game had a higher rating, your confidence is so nauseating!

Spiral Mountain[edit]

  • You can whip the game worlds and trounce the town, don't think for a minute you'll keep me down!
  • My body was still, but my mind was racing, inventing new vehicles to give you a pacing!
  • You underestimate my cunning, hear my plan and then start running!
  • My minions have built them, I knew they'd look after me. I'll claim this place while you slave in that factory!
  • Goodbye Spiral Mountain, hello Grunty Acres! You two, prepare to meet your makers!
  • This monster truck's something, it can't be denied! I'll flatten you into the mountainside!
  • My truck's been scrapped, but I'm not one to fret. We're just getting started, don't celebrate yet!
  • You'll walk the plank for that, I swear. Roll on stage 3 of this epic affair!
  • So much for stealth, it wasn't just enough. You want me to give up with dignity? Tough!
  • You're still in my way, that's typically thoughtless. I'll size up the options inside this fortress!
  • My pirate galleon should be more successful. Avast ye swabs! You'll find this quite stressful!
  • It's time I switched to a stealth attack. If you can't even see me, how can you fight back?
  • The fortress is breached! Its defenses smashed! My vehicle options are dwindling fast.
  • Behold the broomstick, our last fight approaches! I'll sweep you aside like troublesome roaches!

If hit[edit]

  • I know you're not a fan of mine, but this behavior's out of line!
  • Don't pick on me, 'cause I'll fight back. I'll show you Grunty's breath attack!


  • How I lost I fail to see. A three time loser I cannot be!
  • Leaving me here was a big mistake! Just wait for the devious game I make!

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