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Bluff Barn

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The Bluff Barn is a large barn located in Cliff Farm, the first world of Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge.

While the barn itself does not feature much besides a Gruntling, two locations are featured from within. One of them is The Rafters, which Banjo can only enter via his mouse transformation through a small hole. Banjo teleports to Klungo's Lab from this location, where his first fight with Klungo takes place at.

An Empty Honeycomb Piece is also located on one of the barn's silos.


The Rafters[edit]

The Rafters BKGR.png

The Rafters is a small area that can only be entered from a mousehole, requiring Banjo to be in his mouse transformation. In the location is a wooden floor with three Musical Notes. A Jinjo is behind a fence at the top-left, and Mouse Banjo can obtain it by walking through the small opening.

Klungo's Lab[edit]

Klungo's Lab BKGR.png

To access Klungo's Lab, Banjo must use his Roll Attack to activate a Witchy Warp. Inside the lab, Banjo finds Klungo creating Gruntweeds and Whiplashes for Gruntilda, and is working on his latest "bear removal" formula. Klungo then notices that Banjo discovered his secret room and a boss fight ensues.

During the battle, Klungo throws potions at Banjo while guarding himself with a magical shield. The shield disappears intermittently, which is when Banjo must attack him with a Roll Attack or Pack Whack. After taking three hits, Klungo gives up and retreats. He also leaves a Jiggy behind on the Witchy Warp.