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List of questions from The Six of the Best

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The Six of the Best questions[edit]

Similar to List of Questions From Grunty's Furnace Fun.

O = Correct Answer
X = Incorrect Answer
O - He'd crashed his ufo
X - He'd stubbed his toe
X - He didn't know where to go
X - He'd been attacked by a crow
O - Mumbo Jumbo
X - Mr. Mumbles
X - Jumbo Bumbo
X - Magic Mumbo
O - Delicious Dishes
X - Cake My Day
X - Mr. Packet Mix
X - Sponge Heaven
O - Jingaling's Bingo Palace
X - The Jiggy Bank
X - A Jig-O-Vend
X - Decent Gameplay
  • At the release of this game, how many years has it been since the launch of Banjo-Kazooie?
X - 3 months
O - 10 years
X - 8 years
X - 20 years
O - Diddy Kong Racing
X - Killer Instinct
X - Grabbed by the Ghoulies
X - Time Lord
  • What's the name of Banjo's sister who hasn't been seen since Banjo-Kazooie?
O - Tooty
X - Tarty
X - Treaty
X - Tufty
X - Fulgore's Fountain
O - Mumbo's Mountain
X - Mayahem Temple
X - Garden of Pointless Collection
  • Which rotating circurlar objects can be found on Level 1 of the LOGBOX 720 game world?
X - Giant cogs
X - L.O.G.'s finest China plates
X - Merry-Go-Rounds
O - Video game discs
  • What flavor is the glubber tablet in the LOGBOX 720 game world?
X - Strawberry
X - Blackcurrant cheesecake
O - Grape
X - Carrot
  • Which videogame is featured on the largest disc in the LOGBOX 720 game world?
X - Grabbed by the Ghoulies
O - Banjo-Kazooie
X - Dr. Klungo's Brain Draining
X - Captain Skyhawk
  • Which object is on the graphics in the LOGBOX 720 game world?
O - Some crayons
X - A speaker
X - A paint can
X - Three small mice
  • What color are the awnings above the Jiggoseum spectator stands?
O - Red
X - Green
X - Blue
X - Bright pink
  • Wich of these is not a ball in the Jiggoseum central arena?
X - Basketball
X - Baseball
O - Tennis Ball
X - Golf Ball
X - Banjolard
X - Bajnoland
O - Banjoland
X - Bingoland
  • What's underneath the stadium in the Jiggoseum?
X - T.T.'s Trophy cabinets
X - Changing rooms
O - A food hall
X - Timewarp to when games were fun
  • How Many crates are there in the quarry area just behind my back in Spiral Mountain?
X - None
X - 10
X - 6
O - 8
O - Floaty Fruit Juice
X - Diet Klungo
X - The Tassste of the Terrarium
X - 1-UP
X - Broccoli
X - Parsnip
X - Carrot
O - Onion
X - U3
X - U2
O - U1
X - Made by L.O.G.
O - Glass
X - Rock
X - Wood
X - Cardboard
X - Tooty
X - Banjo
O - Bottles
X - Grunty
X - None
X - 4
X - 3
O - 2
  • Which of the following talents does Mumbo possess?
O - He can juggle his eyeballs
X - He can swap his arms and legs
X - He can do the splits
X - He can take his head off
X - Super Klungo
X - Klungo Klungooie
O - Hero Klungo Sssavesss Teh World
X - Klungo East