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Banjo-Pilot Voxel

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The 2004 build of Banjo-Pilot, often known as Banjo-Pilot Voxel, is an earlier version of Banjo-Pilot that was under development in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance. This version went unpublished, but its prototype was leaked on December 17, 2011 from a fansite, Rareware Central. The most notable difference from the final release is its Mode 7 utilization for rendering courses.

General differences[edit]

The 2004 build of Banjo-Pilot is significantly different than the final released version. The primary difference is that the game's race courses are rendered using a voxel engine, producing 3D graphics on a strictly 2D system. At the time of the game's demos, this was considered very impressive. However, the addition of elements such as items and course obstacles proved too much for the GBA hardware, causing unacceptable amounts of lag. The game's final release hence used the more traditional Mode 7 technique of rendering a racecourse.

Some other differences include this build lacking a Quick Race options or the ability to shoot bullets. The Options menu has two other options removed in the final build; Multiplayer Weapons and Reverse Controls. Also, the "Erase Save Data" option has been removed. This build also includes a corrupted debug menu.

Minor differences include Bottles' voice being slightly more low pitched and his song more low pitched. Cheato's pages cost less as well, possibly for testing purposes. Along all that, all of the option names are all put into one box at the bottom of the screen.

Playable characters[edit]