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  • He slightly resembles a bull named Bugger Lugs, a minor character in the Rare game Conker's Bad Fur Day.

(Also worth noting that in this case, "minor character" means "the second boss." - Doc von Schmeltwick)

Boom Box[edit]

Enemies do not get much more intimidating than a box labeled "TNT" in big red letters with sharp teeth, and this one has an attitude to match its appearance, aggressively chasing after anyone that gets too close with the intent of self-destructing so they can blow them up.


  • The Buzzbomb looks exactly like [[w:c:Spyro:Sparx|Sparx]] from Spyro the Dragon series.
  • An enemy in Donkey Kong 3 is named Buzzbomb.


A Chump is a nasty-biting fish with a serious appetite for bears and birds[...]

  • The Chump is similar to the [[W:C:Campbell-Morton:Lockjaw|Lockjaw]] and the [[W:C:Campbell-Morton:Snapjaw|Snapjaw]] from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest


Clinkers are large, brown, amoeba-like creatures of questionable composition that block the ventilation grates in Clinker's Cavern of Grunty Industries. [...] (Clinkers can still be cleared after the air is infected but it is a risky and dangerous maneuver.)

  • The Clinkers are named after the British slang term "clinker", which is a deposit of rust and grime that tends to form on various metallic surfaces. However, it is unknown if the Clinkers in Banjo-Tooie are composed of material or not.
  • Some people believe that the Clinkers are somehow related to The Great Mighty Poo in Conker's Bad Fur Day. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

(Like with Bigbutt, there is no need to compare each character with their supposed Conker counterpart just because both franchises are from Rareware.)



  • Its attack patterns and appearance resemble that of Franky the Pitchfork from Conker's Bad Fur Day, another game developed by Rareware. Diggits, however, aren't playable unless the Devil Bottles cheat is used.

Green Spooko[edit]

In the final boss fight, part two, Klungo summons pairs of these after being damaged by an attack. That's why packs of Eggs are waiting up at the entry portal, so you don't get screwed in the battle.


In the beta version of Banjo-Kazooie, the Grublins were originally colored light blue and sort of resembled Mumbo Jumbo, leading some players to believe that Mumbo Jumbo may have been a Grublin prior to having his face turned into a skull by Gruntilda.

Jippo Jim[edit]

  • Creepily, one is even found in Mumbo's hut.
  • The cowboy versions of Jippo Jim appear to have blood splattered on them.


  • The true name for these creatures is currently unknown. "Moggy" is just an English slang word for "cat", and was probably not intended as a name for the species.

Portrait Chompa[edit]

  • They resemble Fishbones from the Mario series.


  • Quarrie is often (understandably) mistaken by players to be a potato due to the fact that all of the other training enemies in Spiral Mountain are vegetables.

(For the record, when I was 3, I thought it was a muffin. - Doc von Schmeltwick)

Rocknut Tribe[edit]

  • The laugh sound is called Male Low Throaty Laugh from album Best of Cartoon & Movie Sound F-X.


  • It's ironic that Snarebears, who are based on carnivore plants, don't eat insects (They don't attack the bee Banjo).



Swellbellies are recycled from the Donkey Kong Country enemy "Puftup". The Swellbellies made their recent appearance on Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed as nameless Blowfish enemies who are items for race tracks based on that game.

(How can Sega have the rights, let alone use Puftup/Swellbelly in a Sonic racing game? It's just a pufferfish, don't overthink things.)

Sir Slush[edit]

This baddie is no Frosty the Snowman, as he laughs menacingly while he rolls snowballs and tosses them directly into Banjo and Kazooie's path. [...] Once Banjo has effectively landed a Beak Bomb on Sir Slush's noggin, the snowman will explode in slushy snow-white goodness while Banjo ejects his characteristic "Duh-hut!" shout.

(....that last sentence just sounds dirty.)


  • Tickers may bear resemblance to an ant due to the body shape but however ants are black compared to termites. This is why people called them ants.