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Edson[1][2][3][4][5][6] is the main protagonist of the cancelled Rare RPG Dream: Land of Giants, which would eventually become Banjo-Kazooie. He is a young adventurer, who goes on a seafaring journey to fight Captain Blackeye and his gang of pirates.


Edson was originally the main character in Dream, which started out on the Super NES as an RPG featuring pre-rendered graphics much like the Donkey Kong Country games. It was determined that the game was too big for the SNES, so development was moved to the Nintendo 64, to make Dream a 3D RPG with environments created by stretching out the polygons. However, the N64 didn't have the processing power needed to maintain such environments at a steady frame rate.

Seeing Conker's Twelve Tales (which would become Conker's Bad Fur Day) well underway in development, Dream was remade into a platformer with some of the RPG elements. Eventually, Edson was deemed "too generic" and was scrapped, as Rare then experimented with woodland characters that were originally secondary characters. One of these characters would eventually become Banjo. Dream was eventually scrapped after seeing the beta footage of Super Mario 64, and Banjo-Kazooie was made from that point.


Because Edson and his game were discarded, we do not fully know about his personality. However, it can be said that since he stirred up trouble with Captain Blackeye and his pirates he is mischievous. It can also be interpreted that because he was in fact an inspiration for creating Banjo it can be said that he is a kind and polite person, but just seems to get into a lot of mishaps.

Edson is shown in only two pictures, but it is clearly visible what he's wearing. He is always seen with a light green jacket, Underneath we see that he wears a black short-sleeved shirt along with orange pants and a belt buckle, two belts to keep the ends of his pants tucked in his brown boots (in the screen shot it is clearly visible that his shorts look almost identical to Banjo's), and wooden gauntlets or bracelets. He is shown to have reddish-brown spiky hair, many believe that he has blue or blue-green eyes.


  • Edson's name was misspelled Edison in the subtitles around the start of the "Dreaming of Banjo" video on Rare Replay.[7]


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