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Template:Infobox transformation

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image = An image of the transformation.
game = The game(s) the transformation is used in.
world = The world(s) the transformation is used in (including Gruntilda's Lair).
shaman = The Shaman who transformed Banjo and/or Kazooie into this form.
attack = The transformation's attack if it has one. Example, the Crocodile's Bite attack.
ability = The transformation's special ability. Example, the Detonator's ability to destroy TNT barrels.
icon = The icon seen when the transformation is talking (such as in Banjo-Tooie) or what the transformation is identified by (such as in Grunty's Revenge).

Blank template[edit]

{{Infobox transformation
|image   = 
|game    = 
|world   = 
|shaman  = 
|attack  = 
|ability = 
|icon    =