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The Gaming Wiki Network, or GWN, is a network of independently-hosted wikis about video game franchises. The GWN was founded on October 15, 2020 by RMV.[1] Jiggywikki is its flagship wiki.

The GWN currently has 12 member wikis and 4 affiliates (3 wikis and 1 wiki network).

Membership benefits

  • The GWN has a footer which is featured on the main pages of our member wikis. The footer contains a link to each member wiki, including affiliates. Links like this from other websites can help with your SEO.
  • We have a Discord community where you can ask for help or share tips and tricks with fellow members of the network.
  • We also have a social media presence which we can use to share news about your wiki achievements!



Wiki Networks


Wiki Name Subject Matter Discord
Arthur Wiki favicon.png Arthur Wiki Arthur N/A
Wimpy Kid Wiki favicon.png Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki Diary of a Wimpy Kid Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki Discord
SpongeBob Wiki favicon.png SpongeBob Wiki SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob Wiki Discord

Join us

The GWN is always looking for new Wikis to join it either as members or affiliates. If you'd like to join, please inquire in our Discord server or on the talk page here.


  1. The founder of GWN, Results May Vary, has stepped down from running the network and is no longer affiliated with it in any way, shape, or form.