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What is the status of Triforce Wiki? Did they and agree to go their own separate ways? Also...I checked a proposal, and looks as if Triforce Wiki will no longer be linked to from our original home wiki. I thought variety was supposed to be a good thing. So one wiki whose format is very different (and was formerly scrutinized excessively by me & former fellow editors) gets to be linked but not one with a near-faithful replication of the format? I've done & said a lot of immature and terrible things on Discord (hence why I'm mostly a ghost nowadays), and I have apologized for it a few times. It was just a decision I made to people who think I could not change. I called a librarian she-who-shall-not-be-named not to be rude because I thought it was fitting (and bcuz it would be unfair to say the name).

By the way, I recently learned of someone named Wayoshi. Seems at his time he was a prominent member of the community & did some really, really bad stuff but later apologized (prob went inactive after that). Is there something to be said about that? Not sure.

I keep to my word for real that I don't do the same bad stuff anymore & I tryin to work hard for at least 2mo to pull off no more stunts. I'm still fulfilling my own endeavors -- that will still remain the same, regardless whether things go back to how they were earlier this year or the year before (back when I was a wiki host). Results May Vary (talk) 21:32, October 27, 2022 (UTC)