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The Gaming Wiki Network is a link exchange of affiliated independently-hosted gaming-related wikis that is focused on smaller video game franchises, especially third-party games. As a side focus, wikis for big video game franchises are also welcome, including those under development. The Gaming Wiki Network was created on October 15, 2020 by Results May Vary, who took inspiration from the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, the defunct Developmental Alliance for Wikis on Nintendo, and gaming navigation footers on the Main Page of several Fandom wikis. The Gaming Wiki Network is NOT affiliated with NIWA nor is it a competitor. Many of its wikis are done in the style of the Super Mario Wiki.

The Gaming Wiki Network's main difference from NIWA is that it is not defined as an organization but rather a simple link exchange. The Gaming Wiki Network's flagship is Jiggywikki, thus making it the wiki for this about page. Furthermore, the Gaming Wiki Network is not focused on providing alternatives for NIWA wikis unless there is a reason in doing so; for example, Triforce Wiki is a member because the NIWA counterpart, Zelda Wiki, is hosted by Fandom Corporation.

As of September 28, 2021, the Gaming Wiki Network has a Discord server, and an invite to it can be found here.