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(This is not much of a glitch as more of a helpful trick for advanced creations.)

What this glitch accomplishes: Keeping balloons inflated on detatched parts.
Note: The balloons that you want to keep inflated must be connected to the main vehicle using tow bars only (that's the whole point of this though).
How: Using a tow bar and a balloon (does not work with detatchers). First press the buttons for both the balloon (to inflate) and the tow bar (keep held down so that you do not re-connect with the detatched balloon ) and the balloon will remain inflated even when seperated until you reconnect the tow bars.
Why this works: The command to inflate the balloon is faster than the command to disable tow bars, so in theory the reason they stay inflated is because the game is temporarily fooled into forgetting to deflate the balloon once it is seperated.

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