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Pyramid Memory Match

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The Pyramid Memory Match is a mini-game in Gobi's Valley from Banjo-Kazooie. In this game you must match up the tiles on the floor by using the Beak Buster. The tiles contain pictures of things and characters in the game on them.

To reach the puzzle inside, the button on top of the pyramid can be pushed with the Beak Buster move and the door will open with plenty of time to enter. Inside 4 notes can be found along with a Mum-mum. The Mum-mum can be best subdued by doing a Beak Buster on the tile he is standing on. The pairs of images need to be matched within the time limit in order to receive the Jiggy. It can appear later in Grunty's Furnace Fun however you have less time to complete it.


The tiles are always laid out as such:

3 6 1 1
4 7 8 2
5 4 3 5
7 8 2 6