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Inside Loggo

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Inside the mansion in Mad Monster Mansion, there is a room that can be accessed by breaking into a window on the upper floor, which turns out to be The Bathroom. Inside the bathroom the player will find a toilet named Loggo. To get into Loggo, the player must transform into Pumpkin Banjo, walk on top of the maze, and go into the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, the player must climb inside Loggo's water tank to get a Jiggy.

In this area, there are Golden Feathers, Whiplashes and Grille Chompas amongst a large mound of presumably excrement. On top of the mound is a Jiggy. A Mumbo Token can also be found here, provided the one in the cellar has not been obtained. Due to a programming mistake, collecting one of these two Tokens causes the other to disappear.