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Uncle Kracker performing live in Atlanta, George in 2015

Template:W (born June 6, 1974), better known by his stage name Uncle Kracker, is a country musician from the state of Michigan. Uncle Kracker is best known for his three hit songs, "Template:W", a cover of "Template:W" with original singer Template:W, and "Template:W". He started his solo career in 2000, although prior to that, Uncle Kracker was a turntablist for Template:W's band, Template:W. Uncle Kracker was born in Template:W.

Uncle Kracker has been described as the "mellower half" of Kid Rock[1] due to having a softer, yet similar sound with his music. Kid Rock is largely responsible for helping Uncle Kracker to become famous. Uncle Kracker's stage name is derived from "kracker", which was Kid Rock's nickname for him during their teenage years.[1] Both musicians are anomalies to the country music scene because their careers were rooted in rap and hip hop, mostly during the 1990s.


Early history

Double Wide was the first album released by Uncle Kracker

Uncle Kracker knew Kid Rock since 1987[2], which was back when both of them were teenagers and before they had stage names.

In 1994, Uncle Kracker was the turntablist and a founding member of the band Twisted Brown Trucker[2], which was founded that same year. In 1996, Uncle Kracker was featured in a song, "Krack Rocks", on Kid Rock's album Template:W.


Uncle Kracker's debut album, Template:W, released May 30, 2000, which is the same day that Kid Rock's Template:W album released. It is the first and only Uncle Kracker album that was produced by Kid Rock. Uncle Kracker's career took off largely with help from Kid Rock and a large touring schedule for his first album, Double Wide.[1]


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