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{|class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed navtemplate" width=100% style="border: solid black 1px; background-color:white"
!style=background:#FFCF3F colspan=3|{{edit|Minigames}} Minigames
!style=background:#FFE79F colspan=2|''[[Banjo-Kazooie]]''
|[[Bottles' Moving Picture Game]] • [[Spell Out BANJOKAZOOIE Within the Time Limit]] • [[Through Clanker's Green Rings]] • [[The Tiptup Choir Melody Match]] • [[Eat More Yumblies or Grumblies than Mr. Vile]] • [[Protect the Twinklies]] • [[Racing with Boggy]] • [[The Pyramid Maze]] • [[Pyramid Memory Match]] • [[Copy Motzand's Song]] • [[Tumblar Minigame]] • [[Grunty's Furnace Fun]]
!style=background:#FFE79F colspan=2|''[[Banjo-Tooie]]''
|[[Master Jiggywiggy's Jigsaw Puzzles]] • [[Targitzan's Temple Challenge]] • [[Mayan Kickball Tournament]] • [[Ordnance Storage Challenge]] • [[Dodgems Challenge]] • [[Hoop Hurry Challenge]]  • [[Balloon Burst Challenge]] • [[Saucer of Peril Ride]] • [[Grunty's Submarine Challenge]] • [[Chompa's Challenge]] • [[Twinkly Packing Challenge]] • [[Clinker's Cavern Challenge]] • [[Colosseum Kickball Tournament]] • [[The Zubbas' Nest Challenge]] • [[Guffo's Trash Can Challenge]] • [[Grunty's Pot 'O' Gold Challenge]] • [[Tower of Tragedy Quiz]]
!style=background:#FFE79F colspan=2|''[[Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge|Grunty's Revenge]]''
|[[Egg Scramble]] • [[Sheep Dip]] • [[Battle Boats]] • [[Grubby Chute]] • [[Magic Angler]] • [[Slide o' Fear]] • [[Frozen Fish]] • [[Snowy Sleds]] • [[Fishy Fingers]]
!style=background:#FFE79F colspan=2|''[[Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts|Nuts & Bolts]]''
|[[Hero Klungo Sssavesss Teh World]] · [[Hero Klungo Sssavesss Teh Universsse]]
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