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File information

This template has five variables:

  • 1 is the description of the subject. It can be a descriptive sentence or two about what's in the image, or even a mere link to the subject that's pictured.
  • 2 is the source, such as an external link to where you originally found the image. If you generated the image yourself, i.e. with a capture card or scanner, you can put the game (or manual, film, etc.) itself as the source. Otherwise, the name of the game should be in the description, rather than the source.
  • 3 is the artist, if you know who made it (maybe yourself).
  • 4 is "edited". If the image has been altered from the original, describe the modifications.
  • 5 is "other versions". If there is another image on the same subject, try to link to it using [[:File:Filename.ext]].

To use some but not all of these variables, use, for example, something like this:
   {{aboutfile|2=external link|3=[[User:Artist|Artist]]|5=[[:File:Otherone.png]]}}
The first two variables are the most commonly used ones, however, and they can simply be entered like this:
   {{aboutfile|summary|external link}}

Credit to Super Mario Wiki for their original templates.