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{{Infobox character
#REDIRECT [[List of implied characters#King Sandybutt]]
|image = [[File:King Sandybutt threat BK.png|250px]]<br>King Sandybutt threatens Banjo and Kazooie to leave or he will unleash his wrath upon them.
|game = ''[[Banjo-Kazooie]]''<br>''[[Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts]]'' (mentioned)
|world = [[Gobi's Valley]]
|icon = [[File:BK Mum-mum icon.png|''Banjo-Kazooie'']] [[File:BK XBLA Mum-mum icon.png|''Banjo-Kazooie'' (XBLA)]]
{{quote|This is King Sandybutt's Tomb. Turn back or face his wrath!|King Sandybutt}}
'''King Sandybutt''' is a [[Mum-mum]] found in a pyramid in [[Gobi's Valley]] in ''[[Banjo-Kazooie]]''. His appearance and speech icon is the same as a Mum-mum's.
The area within the pyramid is named [[King Sandybutt's Tomb]]. As soon as [[Banjo]] and [[Kazooie]] enter the pyramid, King Sandybutt demands them to leave. The duo must ignore his warning and continue straight ahead to the main maze area. By doing so, the door behind Banjo and Kazooie shuts, a 59-second timer starts, and King Sandybutt starts to walk around the maze while searching of them. Banjo and Kazooie must quickly navigate to the other side and enter the chamber. Once they reach it, King Sandybutt is upset that they have found his [[Jiggy]] (which he calls his "golden relic") in a sarcophagus with a [[Jiggy]]. If the timer runs out, multiple spikes pop out of the walls and impale Banjo and Kazooie offscreen, causing them to lose a life.
In ''[[Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts]]'', King Sandybutt's Tomb was taken out of Gobi's Valley and transferred to [[Banjoland]]. King Sandybutt is revealed to be alive, because [[L.O.G.]] mentioned that King Sandybutt was against the idea of his tomb being relocated.
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