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*Use the [[Flap Flip]] to jump to a tree stump in Vapor Scrubs.
*Use the [[Flap Flip]] to jump to a tree stump in Vapor Scrubs.
*Shoot the [[Battery Eggs]] into the toll station.
*Shoot the [[Battery Eggs]] into the toll station.
==Jinjo Oracle==
*If you hadn't noticed, the swamp is full of poisonous waters. I'll bet you'd feel ill if you so much as dipped a toe in!
*Bozzeye may not be able to climb trees, but he can help you shake things down.
*Some Jinjos hid in Monster Manor. I hope they're not afraid of the dark!
*I heard Klungo say, 'Banjo need tank to get through here.' I wonder what he meant?
*Some boardwalk paths lead through the trees to murky places.
*Have you heard of a place called '[[Spiller's Harbor]]?' It used to be a resort, but since Grunty's lot turned up, they don't get many other visitors.

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Bad Magic Bayou is the third world of Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge. This place also has log bridges and there are slippery green versions of the which Banjo and Kazooie can do up by using the Talon Trot ability. This place also has marshy, poisonous, green polluted water underneath which can injure Banjo if touched. However, Banjo does not become injured when he is an octopus.

Points of interest



  1. Defeat the group of Gruntlings.
  2. Knock down the Jiggy from the cliff by using Bill Drill.
  3. Collect the Jiggy in the Vapor Scrubs.
  4. Play the fishing mini-game.
  5. Use the Battery Eggs in Monster Manor.
  6. Light the candles within sixty seconds in a specific way in Creepy Corridors.
  7. Use the Flap Flip ability to jump to a tree stump in Vapor Scrubs.
  8. Come back with the tank and go through the door near Mumbo's Pad.
  9. Defeat Klungo in Monster Manor.
  10. Find all five Green Jinjos.


The five Bad Magic Bayou Jinjos are light green.

Extra Honeycombs